Vintage Cars

Popular than ever is the classic vintage car and this despite the high gas prices. A true lover puts a lot of work and sensitivity in the restoration of his favorite piece. Every minute is screwed, washed, polished. For him only the best. As soon as the first rays of sunlight are there, he is driven out of the garage and presented with pride. In summer it’s going to be the classic car shows every meeting where what he has for a piece of jewelry, and what’s in it.

Whether it’s the Chrome engine, the work has been put into tuning, or the general in a lot of legwork and effort of the original condition was maintained. The largest selection of vintage cars but can be found in the car and technology museum in Sinsheim. There are the oldest still running order classic car in the world. The American Dream Cars, one will find not just “small” place. The oversized bodies, big V8 engines, covered with lots of chrome and lots of space in the interior. The time of petticoats and rock’n roll … But unfortunately it comes with yet so beautiful, big cars here in Germany far – because of the length – not. The beautiful “runabouts are inappropriate for the cities, but worth for beautiful, romantic trips to the green always an experience. But the farm will find its place. Uniquely, the Lanz Bulldogs, American tractors. Of Fordson, John Deere and McCormick. Also highlights such as the steam powered motor plows, locomotives and many more have got a beautiful home.


In the month of April this year, was the bus terminal with my friend Roberto, who along with his family were witness to a bitter and sad farewell, of that partner to Europe in search of land known and popular adage “for a future better, as it thousands of young people from different Latin American cultures and ethnic groups (it should be mentioned that in Spain, 38.6% of the Spanish population is Latino, as well as in USA where the language is a temporary impediment to the sociability is 14.5% of Latin American origin) head toward northern regions of the hemisphere to build a future which doubt they can get in their home country. The question should not only be done if the young immigrant population gnrl (focusing on politicians) would be “that progress can be made in my country? And if so how do my bit to provide for such development?

Peru is currently in a fledgling process of economic growth, tasteless, where sometimes the idiosyncrasies and state policy prevents the development of certain areas such as education and technology (pillars economic theories applied to first world countries), with the proximity of the APEC, which at this stage of the year several young people know the meaning of that meeting and its impact on national level, our country played an important role in the global economy and to increase trade relations and cooperation, which will allow you to enter a large and lucrative market for export, that will contribute in generating employment, which the young university makes them much needed to complete their studies. Despite the progress we miss the young from the use of reason we have not come down from heaven, it is necessary to develop a policy of radical change, which is chosen by the restructuring of infrastructure (from the most remote school in our mountains to the machines responsible for transport of goods for export), also a commitment to a quality education and knowledge development to assist more young people to enter unfamiliar fields. It is fair to say that these changes involve absolute commitment and dedication of Peruvians (without exception and without discussion) and that we are required Peru, the Inca Empire developed the most Ancient America echoes even in the hatreds of every citizen of this country and bearing in mind the famous phrase of said Raoul Plus “Dare is still the only way to achieve success.”.

Venezuela Possible

In the Venezuelan case it must be very serious, where the current government should give importance to the role of security companies and their operations do not damage the environment, will draw, ethically sound and the riches that the country provides without affecting anyone, giving preference to particular interests, that what the community, population needs. The independence between business and government: This is very significant because governments no longer may have control over the destiny of the industries that produce in their countries, but on the contrary, must give way to the globalization of capital markets and to create an environment that creates competitive advantage for businesses, they should support for development, operation and not hinder industrial sector and Convergence: The differences that had hitherto defined the public and private companies in a country are gradually disappearing, or are witnessing radical changes in the state where the companies also should emphasize results and routine administration.

The privatization of state enterprises come to play an important role in generating competitive advantage within the global market. Companies must re-power its administrative structure, human resources, technology, social and corporate responsibility. Emergence of new forms of administrative organization: New trends in corporate governance show us the emergence of new forms of organization ranging from the development of multidisciplinary teams, not hierarchies, the development of the virtual organization, the mega-alliances between industry rivals, the creation of industrial clusters and networks of small companies to streamline the complicated activities large companies, new management tools, management topics, and perhaps other models that give life to a new business paradigm, which will come to facilitate and streamline the administrative tasks of the organizations.

Venezuelan companies must upgrade their participation in markets where it operates, to make way for the changes that are required according to the points noted, adapted to the requirements of this application, make way for changes that promote more of a reality that can not be avoided as are the actions of the government under the chairmanship of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, who require a new approach, so as not to harm them in their operation, the Otherwise, determine the routes, ways that allow to guarantee their survival, efficiency, productivity. It takes visionary managers, prepared, able to generate the changes that favor in the performance of their duties and responsibilities, otherwise, the business can be seriously affected in their objective, and why not, as noted in their survival, in their disappearance.