Manual For A Wifi Correct

This is a brief explanation of the different types of wireless antennas on the market that at least the most used. To guide a wifi antenna to a router within a home network, but extrapolated to any other wireless link setup using the program Netstumbler. This program is and can be downloaded from the Internet. The most frequent reasons for using this program, among others, are these: Be used for the creation of a map of wireless coverage within our own house in order to locate the wireless router or take advantage of external signal, we know where we can sit with your laptop or desktop computer on another site, for proper data transmission. external, if that is the case of not having enough signal. This basically occurs when the access point or router is in another section of the building, another building or is a free signal and the distance or obstacles the signal arrives poorly. Depending on the facilities in which fence to be installed antenna, we have to choose your type.

Here comes the need to explain the different types of wireless antennas on the market, some directional and others not, for the correct choice: Onnidireccional. This antenna as its name implies, captures and emits signals in all directions. Depending on his or her placement, vertical or horizontal, and travel signals will be received differently. It need not be oriented. Sector. This type of antenna covers a specific sector, which tends to be oriented. The amplitudes of the reception varies depending on the antenna used, although more or less often walk 30. It has more range than the antenna onnidireccional, but being more directional everything that falls outside the 30, opening angle, is capable of being received almost surely.

Directional. They are fully directional antennas, necessitating a focus on highly accurate receiver. The opening angle is very small and critical, for these antennas to be necessary to use a program like Netstumbler for the correct orientation. The types of these antennas are frequently used dishes, yagui, spiral, etc … For safe installation are used to support different kinds, which can be purchased or. Based on our facility, our environment, the location from which the signal is broadcast to which you want to connect, choose one or another type of antenna. As always advisable to use Netstumbler program for the correct configuration of our network. In our page, "wireless home projects," you can find more information about this topic, as well as other issues related to wireless networks. A greeting.


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