Paper Production

Paper production. Depending on what type of paper must be obtained in the production process as raw materials use of cellulose fibers, wood pulp or a mixture thereof. Woodfree paper – the best quality and expensive, it has a high whiteness and strength. Paper made entirely from wood pulp, as Typically, the lowest quality. Niche between the two main types of paper is a mixture of cellulose and wood pulp, which are taken in a 1:1 ratio. The technology of the modern production of paper is quite simple. Floured cellulose fibers mixed with wood pulp, sizing agents (usually calcium carbonate) and a number of fillers.

For printing paper used blanched ground kaolin, for coated – Titanium dioxide, for special types of paper – zinc oxide. Fillers attached paper smoothness and flexibility, reduce its transparency and porosity. Then the pulp is fed to the grid of the paper machine for the formation of a thin fibrous layer. In the press-section of the machine pushed excess water, after which the tape is supplied to the drying part. There shall drying fabric and surface sizing, if necessary production of paper for offset printing or other moisture. The last section of the machine is called finishing.

Polished cast-iron cylinders compacted paper, lining the surface, and then going on to wrap tape rolls. To improve the quality of the surface used pigmentation or Coating – the application of the coating layer. In the first case of its thickness does not exceed 14 g/m2, in the second up to 40 g/m2.

Paneled Doors

They cost is expensive and very expensive, between $ 700 and up to tens of thousands. Here we look at the door, and mass produced at competitive prices. Are not durable, paneled doors, made of soft wood, such as pine. It is soft, and some lacquer it is not defended itself and will remain. Realistically, it can last for many decades, but not under the varnish, but under the opaque paint, which should be with periodically repeated. In the modern sense of a durable product – a product that can be used for a long time without repairs or upgrades.

Such as old-style windows also serve long. But from time to time they had to podstrugivat and every 2 – 3 years of painting. Nothing of the kind of plastic will not do, they should serve long, because qualitatively made. Longevity for the door: – Resistance surface (not just the leaf, but the entire complex: the door frame, casing, decorative glass, seals). The surface hardness and quality of paint (other finishing material) should provide immutability of appearance for more than 10 years, given that the product is exposed during the life of minor bumps, cleaning, exhibiting, sunlight, in contact with them a variety of household substances.

– Quality gluing a decorative surface. This artificial decorative materials or more expensive – natural veneer. Depends on the chosen technology, how it adheres to the manufacturer and the quality adhesives. Normally, if this period is not less than 50 years. Measure the purchase is not possible.

Freedom Telework

A few days ago reading an article on Telecommuting or working from home, it really is amazing how every year is on high growth this new trend this article I will share with you: TRENDS: DOWN COSTS AND BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS EARN TIME AND Freedom Telework: One in every four homes and is a cyber-office The data are from a private consultant and mark in half the cases more than one family member works at home. By the Ministry of Labor in 2004 there were 300,000 teleworkers and in 2008 the figure was 1,300,000. The phenomenon involves independent and engaged. The advance of wireless devices and the wide variety of communication systems have enabled the telecommuting becomes an option increasingly valued by the Argentinians. According to research by consultancy Carrier y Associates, the notion of remote employees is increasingly installed.

One of the conclusions reached by the study is that one in four households have a dedicated space for work activity, and in half the cases, more than one member who uses it. On these results, Enrique Carrier expands: “We assume that the house had a connection to the Internet. We found that people invest more resources and time on these projects.” He adds that “so does the alternative of the notebook computer as a second home, which is used for mobility, for business purposes only.” The concept of teleworking is based more on achieving a goal in meeting a schedule. This method can be adopted both for individuals as employees as independent professionals.