World Cup

Turn all your negatives into positives. The main thing that found no denial. Instead of "I'm sick that I interrupted when I'm working" write "I want to work in a calm and quiet place where I can freely concentrate on work." In addition to the words "no" is not Use the "no", "no" and so on. All the words that carry meaning negation or negativity we do not fit. Write down all your Flip on a new blank sheet of paper.

Now let's consider what else do you want? Maybe you want to go to Egypt? Or maybe you want to scuba diving? Or maybe you want to sit on the vip podium in the finals of the World Cup? You might have missed some of his desires, because they have not been expressed in you in a negative way. Write them down in addition to that, the list that already have. Think hard, do not miss. Now let's dream a little. Without any restrictions. Imagine yourself in five years.

How do you want to be? What to have? Where to live? Where rest? Where to work or not work at all? Do not put yourself to any restrictions, just a dream. You see in these dreams that any of what you have on your list of desires? If yes, then go ahead and fit. So done. In the hands of you a list of your desires. Take another look at him. Nothing is missed? Have not forgotten anything? Ca.

Plastic Alloys

Aluminium – Plastic silvery-white color. Aluminum and alloys respond well to hot and cold forming – rolling, forging, pressing, drawing, bending, sheet forming, etc. Supplied as: alumina primary grades A999 (99,99% aluminum and the amount of impurities not more than 0.0001%), A995, A99 and 97, etc.; aluminum powder, powder, foil, aluminum alloys, such as: silumin – an alloy of aluminum and silicon (SIL); Duralumin (duralumin) – aluminum alloy with copper and manganese (D16, D16T) magnaly – Al alloy with manganese (AMts), aluminum-magnesium alloys (AMG). Depending on the purpose of aluminum alloys are divided: casting, wrought – up to 80% of the total output of aluminum alloys. Wrought aluminum alloys are available as sheet metal work (primarily), the shaped profile, high-grade rods, wires and pipes (mostly compressed). Aluminum alloys such as AMts, AMg2, AMg6 are highly ductility, good weldability and high corrosion resistance.

Alloys are produced in the annealed, hardened and polunagartovannom state, heat treatment is not strengthened. They are used for manufacturing pipelines for oil and gasoline, radiator tractors and cars, weld gas tanks, rivets, hull and masts of ships, etc. Aluminum alloy sheet produced according to gost 21631-76. Sheets of aluminum by the method of manufacture subdivided: clad, plated, with normal plating; clad with reinforced plating. Sheets of aluminum as the material divided: without heat treatment, annealed; polunagartovannye, work-hardened, quenched and naturally aged, artificially aged and seasoned, cold-worked after quenching and natural aging. As for the quality of surface finish sheets of aluminum are high finishes, high finishing, conventional finishing. On the precision of the sheets of aluminum are classified by: increased accuracy in thickness, width, length, or one or two of these parameters, normal accuracy in thickness, width, length.

Concrete Surfaces

New stone and brick surfaces. If the clutch is made in pustoshovku and has sufficient roughness, should only obmesti her broom against dust and wash well with water. When the surface is dirty, clean them, and sometimes dent. If the seams were embroidered, ie completely filled with a solution, they should be cut down to a depth of not less than one centimeter and then cleaned with a steel brush. New concrete surface with sufficient roughness, swept from the dust and washed well with water. If they do not have sufficient roughness, they are sure to scratch, and contaminated sites cleaned with steel brushes or cut down. Stone and concrete surfaces, standing plastered over a year and also heavily polluted with dust and soot, necessarily require incisions, cleaning and washing.

Contaminated with clay or painted with oil paint the place cleaned especially carefully. In that case, when in masonry or concrete will be weak and easy to defend ourselves with nips or loose during cleaning brushes places they need to cut down a solid foundation. Preparation surfaces can be performed by any tools available at hand. However, they all must be firmly planted on solid handle, to prevent them from falling during operation and thereby prevent injuries and bruises. When nakovke surfaces are best worn goggles. Cleaning is usually done with a steel brush. Keep it mostly with one hand. To increase productivity it is desirable to strengthen the brush on a long handle that allows you to hold it with both hands.

Brush puts to the surface, pressed down and make cleaning, moving it in different directions. During treatment with contaminated surfaces peeled off a thin film. Surface contaminated with oils and resins should be carefully cut at a depth not to leave their mark. Even the slightest traces of oil could eventually tread, and will not help here, no plaster.


But what about the resemblance? And the fern leaves and frosty patterns have a maximum surface area for a given volume. For ferns (and any other plant) necessary for respiration and assimilation of carbon dioxide goes through the leaf surface. In those cases where you need reduce the cost of water to evaporation, plants like cacti, they acquire a spherical shape with a maximum surface area. But to pay for it to decrease the rate of assimilation SO and therefore slowing growth. Water vapor, crystallizing in the cold glass, and form a structure with maximum surface because the rate of loss of free energy at this maximum (the crystals grow from the surface). So the analogy between the crystals and living organisms have heuristic value.

Liquid, pour out of the container under weightless conditions, takes the form of a billiard ball (energy minimum surface tension). But between the game billiard and space flight as much in common, as between the crystallization and growth of a living organism. This does not imply that the crystalline forms of alien life. Here is a good example. Many people know innocuous large mosquitoes, crane-fly, with long fragile legs. Their larvae live in moist soil, feeding on decayed plant remains. Among them you can meet animals, painted in blue with an iridescent shimmer. They seem sluggish, and they really are sick – infected with iridescent virus. In the hemolymph of these larvae can detect amazingly beautiful crystals, glittering like sapphires. The crystals are composed of particles of the virus – virions.