Tiziana Terranova

As one of the participants of the quarrel list alt.cyberpunk, cited for Tiziana Terranova, ' ' I think that the border of I am if becoming bigger and in ways of if becoming indefnivel saw ciberespao. Now still we are in a low level, because we only make use of the text, without the virtual reality and the total telepresena. But already if it can see our small chunks of meat suggesting our ears that we must be ready for this type of thing. The people who already will be engaged in this will have problems much less when to arrive at the virtual reality total imergente, when this will be used to change and to expand ours eus. Then, on the contrary of the virus, will have a dissolution of the physical barreias, not only of the nations, but also of I of each body individual' '. The cibernetizada society intends to allow to the refraction of the personality in multiples eus, radicalizes the possibilities of job of the fiction in the daily commerce. The people are starting to have possibilities of, virtually, changing of sex, modifying the age and to assume new roles and identities.

In the real time of ciberespao, they offer the individual to it possibilities beyond those already advanced for the old medias. The construction and reconstruction of I start to depend on the increasing number of people with who I not only contactamos but of as they answer in them. The participation in a public sphere virtual eus stimulates the creation of several therefore, as it testifies aficionada in cibersexo, to choose to be plural is a trend that the new technology stimulates. In this space, it observes, it has much freedom of being and making what to desire, you can be what to want, in the hour and of the skill that to prefer: ' ' Playing the man role, I had sex with a woman.

Modern Warfare

Call of Duty series has been like 4 years with us. The first part arranged for a real revolution in the genre of action, raising the bar to unprecedented heights hitherto. The original and its sequel were noted in all possible winning world titles (including Gold Gamerulez.net) and exhibitions, besides a huge number of gamers still enjoy the gameplay of the immortal "old lady". The third part was, unfortunately, is very controversial, so fans of the pc – no games lost on the that the Call of Duty 3 was released only for consoles. Looking at the financial "success" and reviews of the latest – Activision and Infinity Ward decided to finally leave the long-suffering subject of the Second World War and bring it into the xxi century. Modern and can not be The main threat to the modern world – terrorists, terrifying and fear on the population of the planet. Therefore, the best military units engaged in the liquidation of the leaders (and other) terrorist groups – is a matter of fact and is the foundation of the story Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Several places in such a special squad will take the player directly.

You might ask why "places"? Yes, because to speak to the battlefields in the images have two heroes: Sgt sas Soupa Maktavisha and Sergeant usas – Paul Jackson. Besides the two main characters will be able to "sit in the shoes of" a couple more minor parties. Concocted a story out of several parallel lines, developing, Infinity Ward wanted to create a certain kind of sense of integrity.