Multiple Looks On The Environment

MULTIPLE LOOKS ON THE ENVIRONMENT: OF THE NECESSITY TO THE SPEECH. This presentation, originally with small videos and in the format of PowerPoint, was base of a lesson on the environment and the impacts in the environment, in 2 year of Average Ensino – of the Institute Mater Coeli in Cold Handle. The great question was to alarm and to reflect concerning the different ways of thought on the subject environment. These diverse models and theoretical matrices will go to be gifts in diverse sciences, also, in Geography, science that has in its root the quarrel on the society relation and nature. A mixture of critical irony and, with the concern in showing the diversity of opinions and not directing the pupil to an only opinion, thus not attributing to hierarchy and values in the vises.

Since already, it is gratefulness to 2 year of the Institute Mater Coeli, for the reflections and questionings from these initial points of debate. Has some vises, definitions and possible analyses on the environment the geographic vision, the economic vision, the biological vision, etc. and, still is possible to inside see differences of these vises of each science. Mostraremos some 1 vision – It runs that the world you finishing The catastrophe is based on the real experiences and speeches. the degradation on a large scale in all the planet. The emission of gases, the effect greenhouse, the hole of the ozone layer.

the garbage, the pollution of the ground, the seas the speech of the end of the resources that move the planet, of the overpopulation 2 vision the romantic one Folloied of optimistical exclamaes, phrases of impact, an atmosphere of tranquilidade in mine of the chaos. the speech of the individualizao of the ambient responsibility, the equality of responsibility and the extreme valuation of the small causes. We go to preserve! the empty speech without the practical one. the speech for the speech the modismo of preservation of people, companies and governos…log, the contradiction. the use of the feeling, the emotion, sensetizing the population. ' ' bichos' ' chosen teams of the preservation. 3 vision That nothing, you to everything tranquilo. the vision that shows the skepticism of people, countries and companies in relation the degradation of the environment. the technique as redentora (GONALVES) the salvation of the world is the technology. thinking only about the gift without relation with what it will be able to occur in the future. 4 vision – the Man destroys everything Goes to preserve the forests and the bichinhos preservacionista Vision to control an area without the presence of the man. Creation of areas of permanent preservation. Prohibited of animals, expulsion of families of areas that will go to become Area of permanent preservation. The ecocntrico speech 5 vision I degrade more I I am legal. Mainly governments and companies who try to compensate its impacts with minimum actions, little efficient and the times most harmful to the environment.