Avances Tecnologicos

In the next report submitted by MIT magazine, Technology Review, published a forecast of emerging technologies highlighted for next year. Nurses robots, smart cars and cell phones 3D are just some of them. This forecast drawn up by experts in science and technology, specialized media, universities and hardware companies determined what will be the 10 technological milestones in the next year. The report, released by the MIT Technology Review magazine presents 10 inventions that while they seem drawn from a futuristic movie, are already part of the present. 1 Graphene called the material of the future, this discovery meant the Nobel Prize in physics 2010 to Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov. This material, which will be used for processors is rolled and folds, is 10 times faster than silicon and is a good driver, that will solve the question of so-called total connectivity. 2 Signs interactive are tactile and interactive LCD screens with holographic glass that respond to consumer demand by experiences connected to networks at the point of sale.

Interphase is sensitive to the touch with facial recognition and video. They provide information about the product and its application. 3 Robots the nurses of the future are humanoid trained to perform blood tests, guide patients through the hospital and assist in the waiting room, in addition to taking them, pressure, and fever. Some hospitals in Japan already implemented them, with good reception from patients who were awaiting more entertaining thanks to the videos showing these cybernetic entermeras across your chest. 4. Intelligent vehicles had already submitted to the first car that tweet. But while Ford had the scoop on that aspect, there are already several manufacturers committed to the creation of vehicles with Internet. This combination allows the user, among other things, knowing the State of paths and enjoy interactive contents during the trip.

5 Cell phone 3D Julien Flack, director of technology of Dynamic Digital Depth is the author of a software that sued him a decade of work, and lets the image on the phone to jump from 2D to 3D, offering a much more real experience. Such software was developed for the Samsung W960, released in South Korea in March this year. 6 Are wireless sensor networks networks of nodes or miniature computers equipped for a common task. They are autoconfigurable, easy to install and able to realize the process of emission and reception of data in a few seconds. They can detect seismic activity, the State of the traffic and military movements. 7. These LED TV screens, whose cost is expected to descend to the rhythm of its increasing demand, are eco-friendly, generate less heat, do not use toxic materials or generate waste. In addition, they provide a better visual experience, not deform the image or change the color. 8. Components photovoltaic are thin film solar cells which have the particularity to convert light into electricity. This advance, discovered by physics Kylie Catchpole, would imply a breakthrough in solar energy over fossil fuels. 9. Also known as Ubicomp, ubiquitous computing refers to the integration of computer science in the real, or human environment to the point that the computer is not perceived as a distinct object. Expected man to interact with computer chips to perform their daily tasks giving orders only with the voice. 10 Implants is cybernetic prosthesis based on optical and electronic materials capable of storing data on the health status and the patient’s history, as well as monitor their vital signs.

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Mark Joyner

Program much more time need: If needing two hours to end a task on your web site, program three hours to do so. If You sobreestimas, you’ll always have time in future, what will alleviate much stress. Disconnect from the Internet: shut off the wireless card and don’t allow you to check emails or your Facebook page. The unconscious habits can distract you significantly if you don’t care; for this reason, keep them under control in this manner. Uses tools of productivity and establishment of goals: there are tools that will provide you with an easy way to track your goals, organize your schedule and sift the not so urgent tasks. One of the best I’ve found so far is Simpleology. You can use the site without cost and dozens of update optional modules if you’re a fan of Mark Joyner methods are available. Creates a tangible reward system: not too sobornes a ti mismo (will end up spending all the profits), but creates tangible rewards for having played the scheduled job.

You be surprised how effective this tactic of the carrot and the stick is. Talk it over with your family: If you have a wife or children, sit down to talk with them your productivity needs. This could involve the establishment of a schedule that your family should respect (to the extent that is possible). Some single merchandisers work at night and that of fine, but if it doesn’t work for you, looking for another way to adapt your schedule to the commitments you have with your loved ones. Pays something every day: If you have a large project, seeks to make progress on every day.

With just get to play it on a regular basis, you will keep it in mind, along with that sense of urgency that motivates the completion of any task. Productivity is the fundamental pillar of successful entrepreneur. I know how difficult that might address some of these issues at this stage of your career, but believe me: the sooner you do it, before you can the tasks in full swing day after day. a.

WIFI Access Point

WIFI the silent killer! Nobody sees it, nobody hears it, but damages occur and are incalculable introduction WIFI wireless networks already have become a necessity for most engineers. In hotels, universities, airports, all we will used that although not seen, WIFI is present. Omnipotent, all over hopefully meet with some wave RF which allows us to connect. Need nobody thinks too in the dangers that are lurking WIFI the silent killer! Index of the article introduction the difference between wired networks and the networks wireless WIFI Los problems of security of the networks WIFI Las safety measures for a wireless WIFI Access Point hostile and communications uncontrollable Hot-Spot-Wi-Phishing other types of attacks Wireless 2.-the difference between wired networks and wireless networks WIFI in spite of that many it professionals do not they have reflected on this topic, there are big differences between wired networks and wireless networks WIFI. In wired networks, information is sent through the cable, which is a private and exclusive, while in WIFI, information is sent through the air, which is a public and shared. In wired networks, Ethernet sends electrical signals, while wireless networks WIFI, sent waves of Radio frequency (RF), i.e. energy.

Conclusion: The information that travels through the cable cannot be seen easily by strange eyes, while the information travels by air can be intercepted by anyone. It is impossible to avoid that wireless traffic can be observed or captured! . 3. The problems of security of networks WIFI then think what would happen if arriving in the morning at our Office, we find our Ethernet network cables cut and with a branch directed towards the Office from a neighbor? We probably denunciariamos it by stealing information, or violate our privacy. As well, in the case of wireless networks WIFI, the same neighbor, can observe or pry all our information and violating our privacy without being seen, without cutting wires, and of course without us noticing.

Security Cameras

Wireless cameras can offer peace of mind and security for your family or business. Here these some of the reasons why a wireless security camera can help. If you own a business and this worried about what your employees are doing, security cameras can help you monitor them. Employees can have opportunities to steal or possibly have bad habits to work. Be able to monitor them allows you to tackle any problem before that leaves hands or that can become very expensive. In your business security cameras will definitely help identify thieves.

In a commercial environment is spatially important to have cameras that monitor your products and customers. The cameras can help identify thieves, and provide evidence to the police. A security camera also acts as prevention. Place cameras in visible places can do that thieves think twice before stealing. The use of these cameras in the home can provide security and help to monitor your home.

A camera spy can help control the babysitter or maid within your home. Hidden cameras can be placed throughout the House to monitor thefts or any unsafe actions. Cameras spy on the outside of your House allow you to monitor a possible invasion and help prevent that thieves can come closer to your home. Wireless cameras can be useful in many situations. After having recorded some activity can help to verify when stand the complaint before the appropriate authorities.