Francis Fukuyama

While for chronological reasons there is one little future intellectual strain and even ethics of others concerned. And the truth is that I see little rosy. It is not that one behaves as an apocalyptic, in terminology of Umberto Eco, face a changing world that is beyond him, but that the end of the story, which I would say Francis Fukuyama, seem the prelude to another that walk in the opposite direction: towards the fragmentation of knowledge, with tribalism and ideological as forms of conduct prejudices. Said the tirade that above with all the pomposity that is presumed to be, on a practical level it means that increasingly costs us more understanding to each other. That did not happen either in the moments frozen in the cold war, when capitalists and Communists shared a history and a common culture, that it was going from Adam Smith to Carlos Marx, passing through the industrial revolution’s Manchester. Nor in the plane of social psychology had differences larger than between psychoanalysts and behaviorists, heirs of Sigmund Freud first and seconds of Ivan Pavlov, cousins, as they say. Now, on the other hand, we have multiplied our prejudices with mutually exclusive beliefs, ranging from the irreconcilable divisions of Islam to new religions a la carte that predict millennial catastrophes that, although they will not occur, that leads to personal disaster to many of their faithful believers.

Our most domestic posts to find antagonisms until we have recreated the history to taste of each group, faction or individual and we have parceled the common heritage, trying to not already put gates to the field, but to the rivers which, despite our stubborn patrimonial endeavour, do not cease to flow to the sea, which is to die, as the poet said. They already see how we are complicating matters, instead of making them more simple, that was what was supposed had provide the technological revolution, from the escalators in department stores until the network of global knowledge networks. Well not. Many of us, for not sharing, do not want to do neither with the nationality. In some travel tour operators, one sometimes hears guide turn that question to the Group: do Spaniards?. Then usually have some angry protest: no we are Catalans. Or Basque.

Extremadura, or of Ciempozuelos. The absurd competition consists in being so different like that more, as if that behaves some additions, some advantage, even moral, when not simply a presumptive intellectual, cultural, ethnic or historical superiority. That, without intending it, try quite a few articles of this book, published here and there and that, fortunately, do not be they have met with ideological gatekeepers that have tried to protect their reading to innocent purchasers of the respective newspaper. Thank you for this. Of course, that in these past three years, despite a fairly strict selection, there have been other issues and other problems that, in one way or another, have been collected in this book. Same index evidence since, between the amnesia of what does not interest us and the memory of what another that does not suit us, are quite the absurdities that occur every day in our lives. Finally, you have them collected here is a last impertinence, know, because in itself same constitute a showcase of several importunities. But what can we do if so is the world in which we live, or at least, how a server sees this world in which he lives.

Baqueira Beret

These past days snow shares high reaching a condition of tracks and giving rise to a few good tracks for cross-country skiing, have given so that the opening of the new season in the ski slopes of Baqueira Beret will be on November 27. These snowfalls have provided that it forward the Granvalira ski season, but only partially, this weekend in which facilities will open partially and many skiers may be approaching ski resort Grandvalira skiing and other activities, and also to learn about the new developments of the season. But above all we will be waiting for the Grand opening of the season of Baqueira Beret, even there are many apartments vielha and baqueira willing to stay. Apart from that, the official opening of all sections of the ski and Baqueira Beret station will occur Saturday 27 November, where many skiers will come to start the season in Baqueira Beret and also brand new new trace, one of the main innovations of the ski season, Jorge Jordana which is a disengageable 6-seater chairlift with capacity for many people, making it possible to transport more people willing to skiing in Baqueira Beret. Baqueira Beret Ski station has invested this year more than 11 million installations of its ski slopes in summer for its renovation of face to the season of winter according to official sources.

He is now preparing for the new season. The grooming machines have begun working to offer an optimal base for snow, snow that has occurred in recent days. The computer technician has checked each points of installations, reviewing and testing the network of canyons, also being now ready for proper operation.

Changing Seasons, Changing Moods

(7) Happiness, wealth, peace, certainty, success, friendship, reward, the results and the human fulfillment come from the ability to progressively understand and cope with the changing seasons. That brings us to the same old: self-development, seas of networks or not, you’re in multilevel or not, work life has rules for all equal. Learn how to work and to focus more on yourself that in no other thing, the key to success, economy and mental health is to develop yourself. Everything will change for the better when your change for the better, what matters is in that makes you you and your you are the unique Variant. Di I am not completely positive, I am not completely confident, faith can not be everything, but the confidence, faith and inspiration can cure the concern and fear. The physical and emotional forces are always working and something will expire, make sure you give yourself the best chance of being able to dominate mentally and emotionally all your challenges.

Develops the intelligence and accepts the challenge put all your emotional experience in its proper proportion, initiate this process you could produce more dramatic changes. View disillusion, is like the winter, always arrives, it’s silly to say you do not disappoint, but you must learn to discipline your disappointment, if disappointment controls 51% of your time, you have problems. A constant disappointment is as 12 months of winter, and twelve months of winter left little to life, uses the pattern of the seasons to adapt to all the significant things that think, so the anxiety, fear, disappointment, like many of human emotions, serve useful purpose provided that are kept in their proper proportion. If weeds are not addressed, controlled, Queen disillusionment, be detached concern, fear has domain and the doubt takes possession, but human action worked and given with desire, knowledge and purpose, the gardens due to weeds, faith triumphing over doubt and cornering confidence to the concern.

Amazon Kindle

It is interesting, that Yes, for Bibliophiles eager to find technical books of other centuries. The electronic book, next battle of culture? By network circulating today, without any control copies or compensation to authors, thousands of electronic books whose author rights are still far from expiring. There are numerous pages and blogs that, under the main motivation making criticism of royalty free titles, link to existing editions download sites, either directly offer the download of the same. Some of these blogs carry advertising, and although this fact does not imply that they engage in crime, its activities could be subject to demands by cultural institutions and societies of authors.But after this situation, which is beginning to worry about the cultural industry, also lurk several irrefutable truths: the first is that this practice has long been ignored, when not tolerated, by the publishing industry, therefore considered residual, and the possibility of the digital business to flourish was, until the advent of Amazon Kindle, distant. The situation has changed, and therefore will also soon change the attitude of editors with respect to these situations.On the other hand, these blogs wouldn’t have the relevance that give them search engines if not to respond to a growing need for titles by consumers of e-books; a need that publishers, for the moment, refuse to cover or begin to take into account reluctantly. If bloom ebooks readers and are not official texts, consumers will go to find the unofficial, they point out many analysts, which ensure that the conflict of the digital book will run along the same path that already made the music.

Faced with this situation, Amazon tries to lead the way towards a solution with its Kindle Store store, as Apple did with its business download songs iTunes.


Self-drilling screws mostly have part of the spout of a cylindrical shape and the other end in a conical shape. This design helps the operation of drilling and fixing. His head can be flat, rounded, flat and oval, but acts as a wick hole. These screws are particularly sharp and designed to efficiently drill a metal, wood or plastic surface. Used to join metal with wood, wood with plastic, etc. For builders, the use of this type of screw speeds up the task, because in one operation they can drill, screw and let fixed surfaces. In addition, they are as economic as the common screws. Self-drilling screws have good mechanical resistance properties.

Manufacturers offer a variety of head sizes and lengths that allow adaptation to achieve greater stability of the construction. According to the builders, they are a good alternative to J-shaped screws, nails head of lead, welds and rivets. Some of the known advantages of self-drilling screws: are manufactured from steel; This allows them to be resistant to cutting and friction. They are reusable, since the tip cutting edge is prepared so as not to deform with successive perforations. Some manufacturers include a special heat treatment, which makes them resistant to thermal variation. It can withstand high demand; the maximum torque that can meet varies between one hundred and eighty and two hundred kilograms per centimeter. As this type of screws are designed to meet high demands, it has lots of uses.

Some of the most common applications: the Assembly of scaffolding and ceilings. The construction of silos. Billboard type advertising. The union of profiles and metal parts. Fixing car bodies. The fixation of ventilation ducts. Covered metal construction. Hardware. The veneer and wood constructions. The union of plaster profiles. The metalwork. The zingueria. Most of the screws are manufactured in steel. This is due to the properties of this material that can comply with the requirements of technical quality and economy. Although one of the limitations of the common steel is that it can corrode. As screws function as support in constructions and some are placed outdoors, avoid corrosion. Because any damage to them can become a serious problem for the structure. To avoid this, the screws have a zinc bath in molten state. This process is known as galvanized.