Considering the structural features of floors, we partially raised the issue of sound insulation, but there are other ways to meet with fairly high insulation efficiency. One of the such method is the 'floating floor', whose idea is to 'harness' the floor on a layer of sound insulator. As an insulator, you can use rolls of mineral wool, expanded polystyrene sheets, mats and steklovatina etc. In this design the floor insulation is important that the 'floating' floor never touched home designs. To accomplish this mats laid on steklovatina trimmer joists at right angles to them. Using mats made of steklovatina, you need to carefully read the instructions on their use, since some of this material laying a backing paper down, and some – on the contrary. Particular attention should be paid device insulation between the walls and floor of the room. To do this, mats wrapped up so that they overlap in the subsequent baseboards.

By layer steklovatina or other insulating material installed lags the desired section, for which the subsequent finishing plank floor. Floor boards should be tightly pressed against the walls curved up ends. Feature of this flooring is that the lag is not nailed to the beams overlap, creating thus the floating structure. For convenience, you can lag at times pribit small nails, which are in the process of laying plank floor are removed. Gaps between the planks and the wall skirting close by nailing them to the floor, and not to wall. 'Floating' floor will provide a sufficiently reliable sound insulation, creating an apartment in comfort. The advantage of this method is that it is possible to avoid placing a heavy rolling, which should keep the weight of the soundproofing material. In this case, the ceiling can be made of light materials (drywall, Lining, etc.) that will not be loaded with a layer of insulation.

Internet Blogs

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