IAA Temperature

The new series of wireless sensor Dreyer + Timm GmbH with a battery life of 10 years, offers a wide variety of new applications. Is something which has been lacking so far, and therefore interest will be to be able to implement an automatic mapping of tractors and trailers, very easy and inexpensive, is Hans-Hermann Ruschmeyer, Managing Director at Dreyer + Timm, sure. Installation is carried out as follows: with two screws Identsensor, screw the radio – tractor, tractor in the portal scomview log on and is already in just a few minutes from a trailer – a tractor trailer telematics. This poses new opportunities for fleet management and theft protection. Dispatchers in the day-to-day business have an overview of their full trailers, without having to involve the driver, now at any time automatically. That means alarm not known tractors for theft protection. Temperature detection and recording the Dreyer + Timm wireless temperature sensors can any number in semitrailers be accommodated and cover hence the need of three Chamber semitrailers with six or more temperature measuring points off. The radio temperature sensors will soon be certified as temperature recorders EN12830 standard according to the manufacturer.

When existing temperature recorders temperature data of the most popular products directly from the trailer telematics are scombox read and in the Internet portal scomview open as hydrographs to display. Issued shall be evaluated by the set-point temperature recorders and more status information of the refrigerating units, these are also transferred and scomview displayed in the portal. Door status at a glance with cooling and Pharmatransporten, it is important to grasp the door status. The analysis of transportation clearly gaining value through temperature readings with position data, and in addition the status information of the door. It has never been so easy and inexpensive subsequently with door sensors to equip on trailer doors, eliminating at the wireless door sensors any cabling effort, so.

Extensive basic version of coupling information delivery and a theft protection, to keep even saddled up trailer over 6 months in the eye are provided scomboxen as standard in addition to the position determination of the Dreyer + Timm. The scombox is compact, waterproof, and has proven itself in a variety of industries. She can be used even in vibratory plates on construction sites. If you want more can read scombox important information about the interface of the electronic brake system (EBS) with the trailer telematics. Data on axle load, maintenance and wear messages are placed alongside position and tracking data in the Internet portal to display clearly. We can respond now super flexible all-in-one solution from a single source with our new wireless sensors in conjunction with scombox almost all customer requirements around the trailer. knows the diversity of the industry, and the needs are different. Dreyer + Timm has almost 10 years experience in the development of telematics that what in this pretty young industry a very long time is time. Because the entire hardware and software comes from our home, they are perfectly matched. This is a great advantage of our telematics family MyTrailer says. We put a lot of time and effort our technique in the development, aiming, in particular when retrofitting, as simple as possible to make it for our customers. If you want, can our technology test free of charge, so finally who rejoices 2012 already on many interesting conversations at the IAA commercial vehicles.

Switzerland DIGITUS

With the ultra compact DIGITUS wireless LAN USB adapter quickly taking hold more and more in the wireless network technology in the wireless Internet connection. Convenient USB wireless LAN are adapter with which you quickly and easily can include both PC and laptop in a network. DIGITUS introduces a new adapter, which provides online and multimedia applications despite its ultra-compact dimensions more coverage and higher throughput. Visually, the adapter for demanding users is a subtle variation, to surf the net wirelessly. The high-speed data transmission of up to 300 Mbps complies with the 802 11n standard and is backward compatible with the IEEE 802.11 g / b standards.

The adapter with Realtek chipset supports the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) feature and simply establishes a connection to the network by simply pressing a button. For this no pesky shares through the router are more necessary and password entry is omitted. However, the WPS ensures highest level of security. Suitable for all common network environments, the adapter supports 64/128-bit WEGP, WPA and WPA2 encryption to fend off unwanted guests. Built-in status LEDs provide information about connection and data transfer. The two built-in antennas (1T2R) also provide a fast and stable wireless connection with long-range. The DIGITUS DN-7053-1 supports USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 and is compatible Windows 7, Vista and XP.

The compact dimensions ensure a comfortable handling. “, as Harald Kintzel, technical director at DIGITUS. for a discreet appearance at the PC and the WPS function allows The suggested retail price for the DIGITUS is 22.99 DN-7053-1 adapter. Editors can test pattern on the below media contact request. Dealers get more information at. The DIGITUS products receive dealer at the well-known distributors. High resolution photo and images for this press release as well as information and photos about the company ASSMANN electronic GmbH is available for download at the following Web address available: index.php? id = 322 & 0 = L press contact Ilona De Laever ASSMANN Electronic GmbH on the Schnuffel 3 58513 Ludenscheid Tel.: (+ 49) 0 23 51 – 55 4 – 6 60 fax: (+ 49) 0 23 51 – 55 4 – 99 6 60 E-Mail: Web: company profile ASSMANN electronic GmbH was founded in 1969 as a manufacturer of connectors and adapters for internal and external computer cable in Ludenscheid/Germany. With branches in Austria, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Mexico, United States, China and Taiwan the ISO supplies IT distributors and key accounts certified specialist for computer equipment and network solutions today around the world. The focus of the product range is the DIGITUS product range. Active and passive network components, KVMs, USB and FireWire products, cable, adapter and plug (s) ATA/SCSI products, peripherals, notebook, PDA, computer and multi media accessories for private consumers and professionals offered. DIGITUS brand was introduced in 1994 and is known for its ‘best value for money’ quality in many markets. (92)

Constructing a Villa

Own country house – the dream of almost every three urban dwellers. If a large cottage built one with his own hands and force difficult even to say that practically not possible, then a small cottage house construct is quite real. Please note that if you first come to our site and belong to the category of people who are going to do the construction of cottages on their own, then the place to be. The site provided much useful information about the building, which will help build your dream home in the shortest possible time. My favorite summer residence – where do you start building the house and what features have such a house? We suggest, first, to build a fence! It will secure from vandals and thieves. One should not think that there is no time at home, steal what is not. For any construction required a building material, do not wake you every time his discharge from themselves.

Imagine what would be a shame to come to your country site and discover what part, if not all the building blocks is missing. Agree, the situation is not pleasant. So, before you start to build your cottage hands, we highly recommend his country fence area. Which fence to build? All possible options are the most exciting fencing on a site in a beautiful home. Also, we have published the vestma poznovatelnaya article on how to build a fence with his hands. Favorite giving their own hands.

Construction of villas and troublesome here, do not hurry. The main thing to choose the right technology on which to build your cottage house. Now in the construction market represented a lot of material, there are many different technologies on which we can construct a country house with his hands. In two words to describe all the advantages, disadvantages of different Technology does not work, but every technology site has articles that will help you decide. The same can be said about the foundation. There is no option that would suit everyone. The foundation for the favorite summer residence should be chosen based on the characteristics of the soil in your area and the total mass of the future of suburban homes. The most common variant of the foundation, of course, strip foundations. But it is also not a universal option. If your country site is located in a damp, low spot in a field of permanent water, then the holiday home is more appropriate pier foundation. To learn how to build a foundation in the country with his own hands, visit the website. How to lay a foundation learned how to build a country house with their hands – well, now is to deal with the roof. The roof is a very important element of the holiday home. Every year there are new and modern roofing materials. So do not stop at the first pick-me-in the material. Be familiar with basic roof materials used in the construction of suburban rooftops can read the article the design of the roof. When the country house was built, it is possible proceed to internal and external decoration. Finishing is in addition to the aesthetic function of more protective. The material on the exterior giving your hands often use the siding. To give great interior suit lining.

Proxim Wireless

available. Product videos Clavister solutions are available in the sysob online Academy under the following link available: index.php… . In brief: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG is a value added distributor specializing in the distribution of leading IT security products.

Based on its existing product portfolio sysob as one of the leading value added “distributors (VAD) with more than 500 partners in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland offers a wide range of future-proof IT-security solutions. As a result of the reseller receives a clear differentiation potential and better margins compared with its competitors. Comprehensive service or support concepts, an active sales force, as well as a far-reaching technical support of the reseller at extensive installations and projects on-site round off the service portfolio.

Wireless Alarm System

Wireless alarm systems have the advantage that they require no wiring. The ideal alarm system for retrofitting. Every day thousands of cars are broken everywhere in the world. Even though this not to understand is even leave Bagatellgegenstanden as a pack of cigarettes, for most vehicle owners, in, which, can be also after looking through the window, no more than two butts, calls thieves on the plan. Most of you have not to do it, which also would be closest to not shy away from, to rob the nearest Bank, but with the so-called opportunity offenders here with notorious criminal. So often drunken teenagers break on cars, cigarettes or to capture any loose change in the ashtray.

The damage of more than thousand euros, which really are the monetary to beziffernden cents as compared in any relation, these don’t think about often. To prevent such intrusions, alarm system helps the Funk. A radio Alarm system can be installed subsequently virtually in every vehicle. In the case of upheaval or theft attempt hits the radio alarm system and acoustically informs about the assault on the vehicle. Also the radio alarm system in particular also has a prophylactic effect: accompanied by starting with the corresponding optical signals such as the are in the Interior of the vehicle attached flashing diodes, glued stickers warn also appropriate typically on the side Windows potential thieves before it, that the car, which is to crack it, alarm system is protected by a radio.

It envisages himself here as a thief so rather better, and looking for supposedly easier prey. The radio deters alarm system. Even if it is forced to leave his vehicle in a pretty bad neighborhood at night it offers optimum protection. Because here, thieves are really expert. And realize that if a radio installed alarm system has been precisely, to which car they should make better an arch.

Autonomous University

There is little interrelationship between the same universities, University networks that favor defining professional profiles that will benefit the country according to the specialty, career that is offered, not each universities who have profiles that leave a lot to say and show their great weaknesses giving passage to a misperception in the participants themselves, who do not know really what is the profile that most suits you. Should be left to emerge the new knowledge that will ensure progress the University authorities must fight because obscurantism is not revealed, consider for example what was expressed by Javier Flores, that knowledge is irrelevant to modern obscurantism what really matters is the form in which it is expressed. It’s a monstrous confusion. Obscurantism argues that knowledge, or dressed a certain clothing or it is not knowledge, it aims to standardize. To create specific rules according to which knowledge must be created there is no room for anything else. Sets a power that dictates the rules that must be followed by all, establishing a police force that monitors that rules are met and punishes those who refuse to obey them. In a quiet but efficient way, this black spot is intended to override one of the greatest achievements: having a University in which the freedom of intellectual creation is the norm, to convert it into a closed and stifling medieval coto.

The rules for the creation of new knowledge are, in part, imported from outside. University autonomy has lost ground against the impositions of political power. But Sin neoliberal for example could not have been consummated had not existed a fertile ground that welcome it. For external power, it is important that an economic policy is fulfilled promptly and that the University not from problems. For obscurantism, that power only started, it meant the great opportunity to consummate the homogenization of the talents, to impose its laws and its discipline. To seize the University. Today said Flores, referring to the Autonomous University of Mexico an obscurantist theology has taken over national University, but not for long. A University that is faithful to its principles, to knowledge, to freedom of creation, will have to be imposed. Shall pass over more backward in science, teaching and the dissemination of knowledge. That depends on your future and part of our country.


Basements or cellars there are in all the ancient constructions of Aranjuez, and popular legend makes communicating important buildings through a network of tunnels. Yet the passage of time has done is lose or cegaran the majority of underground habitats for different reasons: the deterioration, that impair their use, since the ground where sits Aranjuez is necessarily damp, water flows toward the River below the village and geologically field mound, which makes little practical these placementsexcept for the mushroom cultivation, I guess. On the other hand sometimes its existence has been simply forgotten – also per lack of use-especially when access is not within a House but, being communal, are located in a corner of a patio or difficult access corrala. Regarding the hypothetical tunnels, everyone speaks of them, adding that someone know them – never themselves-, have seen them and tour: would be underground passages that communicate buildings important, palaces, churches, parking spaces/garages for carriages, BBS, dependencies of the court houses,… for strategic reasons obliged to secrecy. Or by banal and scandalous, motives that forced to utmost secrecy yet.

Its existence is doubtful, at least in the magnitude that is to imagined, although the idea is very popular in the historiography local, because they explain to locals or organize stories gruesome or indecent referred to the nobility, royalty, the clerecia, the Court in general who always lived in the village, where they fit tales of love, war, infidelities, conspiracies, plots; activities which require the concealment, stories that in Aranjuez people are very amateur and – is non vero, ben trovato-, give clues about actual facts, sympathies and antipathies of the people. And Eugene has managed to excite me in some perverse way – I am afraid that not very scientific-, accepted the possibility that I raised, without discussing. At the expense of some pages of my novel. That pedania of Aranjuez, point that seems to indicate its mysterious track, is of relatively recent construction in any event, and very recent whereas purported indications of message that allegedly contains.


Rest is one of the more pleasant activities available to people, which is of great importance to find the medium that offers best conditions for relax and lie down a while, whether to use a bed or other elements. While the bed is one of the samples more common when it comes to sleep and rest, there is another type of furniture that is well suited to stand for and are the hammocks that thanks to its structure and the conditions in which it is installed is very nice to forget a moment and be carried away by the movement of the wind when it is mounted in one of the many samples of hammocks. As hammocks can be understood they are very nice and conditions are presented in which make this something very appropriate furniture type for rest, therefore it is good to know a little more about are to better understand what makes them so appropriate and relaxing. So speaking of hammocks refers to a kind of laying or canvas that you can perform in a wide variety of materials that include different types of hammocks. The placement of the hammocks is carried out through the ends that presented, which are attached to two firm points, therefore the hammocks are suspended in the air, characteristic that it can be very pleasant feeling in the air, moreover it is very fun because it allows swaying, which at one point is useful to relax since it is as if meciera who is in the hammockfavoring much sleep. Hammocks are mainly presented in the countries of America located in the Caribbean and others in South America, since these countries were born these practices and useful parts to rest, but due to its characteristics already hammocks can be found in many parts of the world, mainly in places with warm and tropical climates, it is ideal for sites such as beaches or coastal areas. Something particular in the proper name of the hammocks is that it comes from a native term which is Taino, which in Spanish means network of fishing, since the image of some hammocks is very similar to the network used by some Indian cultures. To acquire excellent hammocks should be into account certain factors such as the materials used for the preparation, in addition to warp and the number of threads that are used in the manufacture of hammocks. Hammocks have been always related to the customs of many Caribbean people, but now have spread throughout the world which brings as a consequence the aggregate of certain aspects to the needs and tastes of many people around the planet, therefore currently hammocks can be found with certain aggregates, such as pockets on the sides to put certain things which are needed to handThere are also a few hammocks with mesh to prevent mosquitoes. Original author and source of the article

Get Referrals And Earn Money With Beruby

BeRuby is a portal that shares its income from advertising with its users, paying them by visiting pages, register or make purchases on the Internet. I do not intend to explain what is Beruby, since there is much information on their official website and there are plenty of websites talking about the topic.In this article I would like to offer some recommendations for which go to register or already registered and want to know how to increase your winnings and start earning money with BeRuby. To earn money on the Internet with BeRuby, like all systems of pay per click, registration, receive emails, etc, is very important to get referrals, since it is what will give you long term benefits. The best way to get more referrals is part of a chain of referrals of BeRuby, so if you are going to register, do so as a member of a string. If you are already registered and don’t have many referrals, may also interest you cancel your current account and sign up again as a member of a chain of referrals. Once you’ve registered, see the explanatory video.

You You will see how BeRuby and only by seeing it give you 1 euro. Visit every day the pages that pay per visit. In your homepage BeRuby, menu advertisers-> pay per visit you can see the list of advertisers that pay simply by visiting your page. They usually pay 0.01 per visit, but if you visit them every day they add enough balance to your account. Register at all possible pages that pay for registration. In your homepage BeRuby, menu advertisers-> paid by registry we can see the list of advertisers who pay to register on your site. To be informed of new advertisers included in BeRuby, it is advisable to visit the Blog BeRuby daily, and also give 0.01. Try to use Yahoo as a search engine.

Using the Yahoo search from BeRuby wins a certain amount for each search. Already is that we like most other search engine, but this pays us if you do any online purchase, first look at whether you can do it in any of the pages that pay for purchase. It is obvious, if you’re going to buy something, better if you compensate with a portion of what you spend. I use especially when searching for airline tickets, hotels and tickets to shows. And again, make the maximum number of referrals. Ultimately, it is what can make you earn money in BeRuby. A good way to get more referrals is to use social networks. You can send your registration link to your friends from Facebook, tuenti, etc so register as referrals yours.

Steel Custom

He is not talk only about offers of bladed paddle in general, but talk of offers of bladed paddle paddle online stores, and specifically in Padelenlared.com in the network, they can found offerings of bladed paddle, that does not mean that they are cheap paddle blades, but blade paddle at a good price, in some cases with discounts of up to 50%.Generally best prices are paddle online, like padelenlared.com.Algunas times shops buy a cheap paddle spade, does not mean be a shovel of quality, with the consequent problems of injury, discomfort, etc. The best brands of palas padel and offers of bladed paddle can be found on this website, and therefore to the view that most of the online stores offer better discounts than traditional stores. We also usually have active punctual promotions, coupons discount, etc. which can benefit from exclusive clothing gifts and accessories for paddle. Find deals on bladed paddle in the network is not a difficult task. In fact, the majority of sites Webs have outlets of bladed paddle in which find rebates that reach 60% discount on items and offers in many cases of bladed paddle from leading brands.

So Drop SHot, Steel Custom, Pinball, lobb, Vision, Varlion or Head paddle have a special place in this section that their articles are very interesting discounts. Offers in Palas padel how to find the best discounts? If you don’t mind being the last in terms of new models of shovels that they released each year big brands, well then you’re in luck, because at the outlets you can find items whose prices are 60% lower than the nuvas collections, getting the best deals of paddle blades without sacrificing quality. On the other hand if you want to find deals on bladed paddle but you don’t want to buy one of past Collections. Look well on the web, because in padelenlared we offer l discounts even for blades of padel’s new collections. It is only a matter of search, find and search in appropriate sites. To do this, you leave a link to shovels paddle Padelenlared, sorted by categories, prices, etc., being able to find from 50 euros, with the guarantee that manufacturing is performed by paddle of prestigious brands, and sold in a store of specialized paddle-bladed paddle.