USB Data Preloading

The traditional USB stick, is nearing his replacement. At least in a very special area, the USB data display for almost a decade dominated the USB stick the data world, when it comes to the distribution of data. About 10 years ago, this small Flash memory with the larger volumes of data, at least in the advertising world, replaced the CD/DVD media. The same can now with this sequel to happen – because the successor of the successor is now available in the starting blocks. This at least where USB sticks are, distributed with data to final customers at trade fairs or other events. Hagele GmbH from Breitnau im Schwarzwald, the once first Datenduplizierer of USB sticks, brings a new horse in the race, which goes by the name of “USB-Cloudkey” 7 years after the introduction of the USB stick data display.

The USB Cloudkey looks like a USB flash drive, is viewed from any PC as a USB stick, is however very far to be one away. This USB Cloudkey and others has no Flash memory as we know it from a USB stick. The mere fact that the GEMA for USB-sticks 0.91 to 4 GB or 1.56 8 GB per piece fees get, this USB Cloudkey is a revolution in the industry. Because these GEMA fees and the cost of the Flash memory are saved on all cases. You now inside a PC, this USB Cloudkey so this automatically starts the Web browser (also for Windows Vista, 7 and 8) and controls the counterpart to the USB Cloudkey – USB-cloud.

This USB-cloud is a server rented by Hagele GmbH, which is located in Germany. All Web pages and all mail traffic of the provider also run through this server because here years trust, the Security (if you still can say at the present time) and the corresponding service of this partner exists. The data that has been stored on the USB sticks are now on this cloud. You have access to this cloud not only over the Web browser, but there is software for IPhone, IPad, Smartphone, Linux and the MAC. Depending on the data structure, each customer can so his data with the USB-cloud sync, for example if a trader makes available its price lists the end customer. The difference of the USB cloud of provider to other clouds, such as dropbox, Google & co is restricting user rights. The customers of the provider have the rights to copy data, rename or even delete. The end customers, so those who get handed out the USB Cloudkey that can start the data in part to the cloud or downloading them, but do not delete on the cloud. To do this, simply missing these rights. And exactly here lies the difference to all previous cloud. Now, the advantage is that you can save not only at least 40% of the costs through the USB Cloudkey, but it has many other benefits. An error can be changed including the data immediately, when a USB stick is and remains the errors on the disk of the end user, which can have fatal consequences.


The dictation microphone sets new standards in speech recognition and voice recording as unbound precision microphone for studio recording. Thanks to the built-in filter for noise reduction and the world’s first motion sensor in a stationary, digital voice recorder, it is the perfect choice even in noisy environments. With this device you achieve an enormous improvement in the quality of the texts”, so Martin Frank by Frank Darkly, a renowned law firm in Germany. Stephan Meusburger, owner of a law firm in Austria, adds: it is quite remarkable how well the speech recognition with the Speech Mike premium works. With the previous device, there were often problems due to the Background noise.

With the Speech Mike premium I no longer have this problem, the sounds are just filtered out.”the speech with the Speech Mike premium I have saved many hours my Secretary. I can also dictate a letter to a patient and print directly on site, and present. Which is not very efficient, it’s fantastic,”expressed Dr. Ivan Camphor, partner of Heather lands Medical Center, UK. Speech processing solutions for over 50 years is speech processing solutions the driving force for outstanding dictation and language technology. The company headquarters and production center in Vienna is global market leader in professional digital and analogue dictation solutions. Revolutionary desktop and mobile dictation solutions and support for notation and logging, as well as complete workflow solutions using the Speech Exec software family, our Philips products enable optimal adaptation to the individual requirements of our Customers. Speech processing solutions made it his aim the world of digital dictation solutions thanks to innovative products always has once again to reinvent. Whether Philips Speech Mike Premium, Philips digital pocket memo or apps for mobile Dictation on all mobile platforms, we help professionals every day easily, reliably and efficiently to pursue their work.For more information see: dictation. Contacting speech processing solutions in dialog.

Thomas Stigaard Hansen

Philips Pocket memo 8000 poster boy for portable, digital dictation solutions / SpeechMike premium of series LFH3500 the best stationary dictation microphone a Berlin, 14 November 2013 the brand new dictaphones of Philips Pocket memo and SpeechMike premium change the industry of professional dictation solutions. The voice recorders have already excellent feedback from media and the highest rating of speech recognition specialist nuance and SpeKING of MediInterface Philips. Especially professional Vieldiktierer voice full of praise for the new devices of number one in the professional dictation. Philips Pocket memo of series 8000 flagship portable, digital dictation solutions the digital voice recorder Philips Pocket memo provides thanks to its revolutionary 3D-Mikrofontechnik for a stunning audio quality. The integrated motion sensor sets new standards for battery life with its power-saving features. In addition it ensures by switching between the voice-optimized microphones an incomparable sound quality.

The Pocket memo offers users, through his sturdy and yet lightweight stainless steel case, a perfect ergonomics with heavy use. It also has an integrated bar code scanner as the first device. The Pocket memo is ideal for on the go, because it can be charged even on a Smartphone charger. Grove & partners, a law firm in Denmark, has recently decided to upgrade to the latest Pocket memo DPM8000. The device is very handy and robust, and the audio quality is impressive. (u0085) After fifteen minutes with the new Philips voice recorder I had forgotten, that there was a new device. It seemed to me, as we had always used it and that means a lot to us,”as Thomas Stigaard Hansen, co-owner of Grove & partners. Insurance brokers in the UK agree. Justin Hevness, Managing Director of Firth & Scott: The Philips Pocket memo of series 8000 allows a personal correspondence in accordance us in an extremely efficient manner with the strict rules of the procedure of financial conduct authority.” SpeechMike premium of series LFH3500 the best stationary dictation microphone on the market the SpeechMike Premium offers best audio quality.

High-Speed Downlink Packet Access

HSDPA technology (High Verizon Speed DownloadingPacket Access) is the Verizon cell phones optimization of the technology spectrum UMTS / WCDMA, which is included in the specifications of cell phones 3GPP Release 5 and consists of a shared channel in the downlink (downlink), which significantly improves the maximum transfer Information can reach rates of slider phone up to 14 Mbps LG throughput supports rates average close to 1 Mbps citation needed
Is the cellular phones evolution of third generation (3G) mobile technology, called 3.5G, and is considered the preliminary step before the fourth generation (4G), the future integration of networks. free phones Currently the specification is being developed prior to launch 3.9G of 4G.
It is completely backwards compatible with WCDMA and rich multimedia applications developed to cell phones operate with cellular coverage WCDMA HSDPA. Most providers HTC supporting UMTS HSDPA.

Vodafone today hoping to seize on the success of the iPhone App Store by the announcement of its central portal for third-party applications. cellular phone plans The service will echo Apple’s approach and provide 70 wireless phones percent of revenues to developers, Verizon but its unique software for the mobile provider cellular providers said. Vodafone’s Store wireless providers will be device independent and will be specific to the network, so …
Business Wire via Yahoo! Nokia Finance
Herndon, Va. —- Aptela Inc., a leading provider mobile phones of Hosted Voice over IP cellular phones phone service for Small and Medium Enterprises, today announced Motorola that it Samsung has been chosen from hundreds candy bar phone of candidates to present to the exclusive Mid-Atlantic Venture Capital Association Connection plans 2009 Venture Showcase.


Doing the Re-Engineering

Bennis and Mische also invite us to bear in mind that we are attentive to the possible failure of re engineering, which hampers the success and some pitfalls to this quote: 1. Inappropriate use. This can occur because the organization is reinventing itself, as happens a lot in our environment, “Instead of looking for systematic changes and process innovation, re-engineering attempt to resolve specific problems. Therefore take into account the warning signs, that the organization is heading for an inappropriate use of re-engineering: .- is being applied too broadly or as a cure for the chronic problems of leadership and management .- The organization shows overconfidence and tries to implement too many processes simultaneously re-engineering .- re engineering is being used selectively without making corresponding organizational changes. .- There is a myopia about the people, the people and the challenges involved. 2. Lack of vision and notices can be found as: .- The department now focuses on specific tasks rather than functional; .- There are no clear statement of vision and defined objectives .- It is limited to procedures that take place within traditional organizational borders.

3. Groups of re-engineering ineffective, highlighting: .- The management supports and protects the group responsible; .- inadequate resources were allocated to the program; .- The group has organized in the traditional way of the project groups. 4. Inadequate empowerment, highlighting: .- E power of attorney is so considerable that the leadership and the administration eventually diluted .- In some cases it presents an empowerment fantasy, today and tomorrow there disappears. .- When the level of empowerment is very low, traditional doctrines can not be defeated.

5. Rationalization of the process. In this regard stresses that often, leaders of the organization support the re-engineering does not affect their areas. When they perceive a threat, managers can respond to streamline the arguments for and against re-engineering, so that their activities, their scopes and their staff are protected. 6. Based solely on the information technology 7. Use of geographic and organizational boundaries to demarcate the differences. 8. Lack of understanding of the processes of restructuring and its implications.

Four Reasons To Choose Industrial Heaters

The main application area of industrial heaters families 'ThermoRang 8,5' – this is a low-temperature heating units of production machines: material cylinders termoplastoavtomatov, extruders, preliminary and operating the heating molds, including hot runner, etc. The main consumers of our heaters are the manufacturers of the equipment and maintenance service of large industrial enterprises with a most cases, high-quality and high performance imported equipment operating in two – three shifts. Because of the above equipment is used in large scale and mass production, where time lost because of problems are very expensive, it puts special demands on the reliability of all units, including and heaters. Therefore, reliability, develops and distributes products' Belterm "attached special significance. Each newly created model heater is placed on production only after the endurance test and confirm the reliability parameters. The second feature of the establishment of industrial heaters families 'ThermoRang 8,5', is the lack of restrictions on the range, quantity and timing of production. Number of modifications of the heaters being developed within a month, could run into thousands of pieces, and the term production may be one day.

In this case the supply voltage can vary from 12 to 1000, the diameters of the ring (Semiring) heaters – 25 to 1000 mm or more heaters may be complicating elements: the grooves, notches, holes, disclosed for mounting on a heated object, etc. In spite of this, each heater has a full set of technical documentation, enabling him to produce and control the quality of manufacturing. The prices for Heaters family 'ThermoRang 8,5' remain lower than those of competitors, and the quality higher. This was made possible by the introduction of computer aided design (CAD), allowing for all of the requirements normative and technical documentation, and reduce errors in the design of the heaters, as well as to minimize the difference in price between serial and single samples. Third feature of the establishment industrial heaters families' ThermoRang 8,5 "is the constant improvement of technological level of production and creating new designs.

Because the market is saturated with industrial heaters, both domestic and foreign suppliers, then no innovation in this area rely on the long term is impossible. Therefore, the creation and innovation 'Belterm pays special attention. The fourth feature of the establishment industrial heaters families' ThermoRang 8,5 "is the constant enhancement of technological capabilities that allow improve quality and innovate. Achieved our current level of technology allows produce winding resistance elements on the ring frames (Clamp, lip, Obruchev) heaters with step 0.1 mm, and heat flux with heat transfer surface heaters with insulators on the basis of mica reaches the world level – 8,5 W / cm. square. The quality of the inner surface of the annular heater ensures virtually perfect fit cylindrical heat transfer surfaces. Today 'Belterm "accumulated extensive experience creating heaters, allows us to produce industrial heaters of almost any complexity and for any equipment, including import, but at much lower prices.

Brazil Technology

The PLC does not exist more possibility of this market using to progress and to grow. Niches perhaps, in building, condominiums, but exactly in this called environment ' ' In-door' ' , the technology of ' ' wireless' ' it comes occupying its space with decreasing prices, accurately for the scale that is reaching. Exactly the Voip celebrity (telephony for IP) did not migraram the protocols, all in ' ' wireless' '. We do not need to approach aspects here technician, the technology today is not more barrier for nothing, the questions are purely commercial, of relation of the cost benefit that always is improved by the scale profit. In the age of the knowledge the scale with reduction of prices and investments in P& D is agent chief executives for the technological innovation. The PLC and the cellular one had started in the decade of 50, both had had niches, in determined moment for fast, bold and strategical action of the companies of telecommunications, a technology blows up, to another one is inert in the side time, walking and beating of front with the conservadorismo of a sector, that arrived to think that it could enter market of the telecommunications.

A little of ousadia is always ingredient for the innovation, is witnesses of what it happened in Brazil in the question of the PLC, after almost 10 years a technology is authorized for the institucional actors, but with high costs and diverse problems. The industry of the pilot goes to invoice, invoice always, but market exactly will not exist. Unhappyly.I can affirm with all the letters that we lose a possibility here in Minas Gerais, to make a revolution that if it initiated, but stopped in the conservadorismo of some people or the lack of ousadia of others. History still will go to testify this our vaticnio, can write down there. regulation came late, the market is only potential, but always they go to exist the latecomers running behind this mecado, them if they forget that the speed in the actions is part of the war and this was lost there. The innovation if of the one with visionary ousadia, actions and market.