Manufacturing and engineering company BIORAY signed a government contract to supply systems, purification of drinking water in the budgetary institutions Perevozskogo District of Nizhny Novgorod region. The customer Ministry Environment and Natural Resources of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. During the project implementation will be applied technologies of its own production: water purification system based on reverse osmosis, iron removal systems as well as, additionally equipped with drinking fountains of two levels The project includes 13 facilities, including schools and kindergartens Perevozskogo area. All work must be completed before the end of 2010. "The project in this developed region of Russia, as Nizhny Novgorod region, will be for our company a good opportunity to expand their activities in the country – said Alexander Panin, CEO BIORAY, – We have enough knowledge and experience to work successfully for government contracts. " About the company: Production and engineering company BIORAY (OOO "Adaptive Technology") is engaged in designing and implementing the full range of solutions designed to create the optimal sound eco-environment of man. The basic direction – the development of water technologies.

Main specialty – engineering, design, production, integrated delivery equipment, erection supervision and commissioning, as well as subsequent service facilities. Our main specialization – production and integrated delivery of equipment, engineering, designing and conducting pre-commissioning and subsequent service maintenance facilities. As part of the project we offer the equipment as its own production (under the brand name BIORAY), and product solutions to our partners. The company has a broad network of partners specializing in various areas of water and are leaders in their market segments. The presence of a strong and long-term partnership relations allows us to offer complete solutions for water treatment at various levels of complexity. One of the key advantages is BIORAY strategic partnership with Kraftway – a recognized technology leader of the Russian computer market. Under this collaboration, we offer complete product solutions for various government and commercial organizations on the unique IT-development. Production Some lines of products under the brand name BIORAY, located on the largest industrial and logistics complex Kraftway in Obninsk. For more information visit:

Balloons On The Modern Holidays

Balloons in today's festivities Create a festive atmosphere and high spirits help decorating balloons absolutely any room, from banquet halls and ending with a small office rooms. Recently, a design of holidays and special occasions is becoming more popular, as is true of fashion. This is facilitated by a number of advantages: fast and easy creation of any composition or structure of the balls, the ability to bright, original and air clearance space, both inside and outside, and, most importantly, relatively low material costs. Such material as balloons, gives unlimited scope for the imagination of designers and decorators, enabling them at minimal cost to create exclusive, enduring interiors. Decorating with balloons holidays parties, banquets, anniversaries, celebrations of various kinds – is the best way to create an unusual fairy-tale atmosphere, full of magic and surprises, but still a very good way to cheer up yourself, your family and friends, give them a rare opportunity to feel happy and carefree, again touching childhood. A decoration balls celebrations and weddings – is the most affordable and effective way to make such a significant event solemn, bright and unforgettable. The color of the balloons, as the color of flowers, can be expressed without words the whole range of human emotions, but it is never over, especially on your wedding day. Balloons are the most various shapes and sizes, their colors, you can create true works of art – panels, garlands, signs, bouquets and even sculpture.

Some of them are used to decorate with balloons on the premises holidays, while others are designed to master all sorts of them funny shapes. And they both are designed to underscore the atmosphere of the holiday, to underscore the event, which celebrated. Balls can carry a meaning, a variety of information in one form or another, helping to reveal the importance and originality of the holiday, paying particular attention to the individual offender or the triumph celebrated event. Decoration wedding balloons will give it a memorable event special solemnity and elegance, will help create a truly festive atmosphere. Ability to choose your color scheme, to realize the most their dreams will get real pleasure from a holiday and leave a lasting impression for life. The modern technology of balloons will allow them a long time to remind the newlyweds of the happiest day in their lives. If you would like to know more about Ali Partovi, then click here. Decorating with balloons holidays for children is an integral part thereof, as the only balloons can make this holiday. Funny and colorful beads will create exhilaration, and ornamented with figures of animals or inflatable characters favorite cartoons interior will be a real holiday event! Fun songs will add fun and original holiday, and opportunity to please children of all sorts of costumes, balloons will allow them to feel like a real fairy-tale heroes. Such a holiday with colorful balloons will be remembered for a lifetime. And what can be better than a happy child, who went on an unforgettable celebration! Do not forget the fabulous balloons, give yourself and your family holiday!

Wooden Houses

The advantage of the construction of wooden houses from glued beams (laminated veneer lumber): In the wooden houses from glued beams is not prone to cracking, since all the material has a moisture content (10-12%) in contrast to wooden houses from a single timber with a humidity of not less than 30%, which dries and cracks Timing of construction of wooden houses from glued beams are not comparable to less than building a house made of solid wood. All parts, including beams, rafters, and other items made with high accuracy at the factory. The laminated material is of high quality surface by high-precision equipment, which treated wood. Glued wood retains its geometric parameters with time, does not shrink, twist and bend, due to a lack of internal stresses. In addition, important advantage of the wooden houses from glued beams – no need to trim. Log houses on durability laminated veneer lumber (synonyms: laminated corrugated board, laminated laminated veneer lumber) is superior to all other wooden structures. In comparison with other types of houses, glued beam houses boast superior performance House of laminated veneer lumber practically does not "Shrinks" The quality of laminated veneer lumber (synonyms: glued profiled beam, multi-layered laminated veneer lumber, glued beam houses) is such that after the construction of houses do not need more interior space. Optimum Humidity does not develop a variety of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Air quality is ideal for families with a tendency toward allergies, lung and heart boleznyam.V house from glued beam reduces the probability of occurrence of migraine, neurosis associated with spasms of blood vessels. Hypertension observed positive results in reducing blood pressure. Accelerated resorption of haemorrhage, increases visual acuity, normal metabolism. Wooden houses from glued beams differs from houses made of traditional materials a number of advantages: traditional materials logs or conventional timber preserve the natural wood moisture therefore, some time after the construction in detail there are cracks. Shrinkage occurs home construction as a whole. Glued laminated timber reduces construction time at home, he, unlike traditional materials conventional lumber, logs does not require time to shrink. Technology of laminated board allows you to mount at home all year round.

Glued laminated timber by insulating qualities superior to the best parameters of round logs. Profiled parts densely joined in the assembly, the edges of timber laid linen or flax, jute tape (insulation). The surface of the laminated board is flat and smooth and it gives the homes of laminated veneer lumber is another advantage they do not need external and Interior decoration. Lack of cost interior and exterior reduces the cost of building a house from glued beam for 50 percent or more, compared for example with a brick house. A leading source for info: Peter Asaro. Not necessary, as in traditional building made of logs or roundwood wait to house a donkey. Here the house was made of dry-laminated board, it almost does not shrinkage. Therefore, windows, doors and all the finishing can be done right away, it immediately shortens the time of construction of this house exactly one year. Log houses much easier to stone or brick, and therefore do not require deep and heavy foundations.

Composer Durme

He founded a business in Brussels, so that his younger children can more easily complete the Conservatory. “His son Rufin (1863-1900) is journalist at Le Bleu Petit” in Paris. D ‘ Haan. A Tinel is a pioneer of the Montgolfier. He is balloonist. In Sint Arjun, a balloon festival is held annually. A few years later Edgar’s father dies. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Robotics and gain more knowledge.. Training his first music lessons given the seven years 1861 his father and Ferdinand van Durme.

Composer Durme lives six miles west of Sinaai in Eksaarde. Petrus Tinel is an energetic man. He sends his son away from Sinaai to Brussels. Edgar comes in a kind of boarding house on the Boulevard of Waterloo. There, he receives his first instructions. With nine years his father puts him in 1863 Director Fetis at the etablissement de musique in the rue de la Regence”before. This is a memorable moment. Because the piano is too high, Fetis sets two thick books on the piano stool.

Edgar plays easy and versatile. Fetis is delighted and takes him on as a pupil. In the following month of October, it is on the Conservatoire Royal de musique de Bruxelles the courses of piano, violin and voice lessons. His teachers include: Adolphe Samuel, Joseph Dupont for harmony, Francois-Joseph of Fetis and Hubert Ferdinand Kufferath for counterpoint, Alphonse Mailly for organ. The Director Francois-Auguste Gevaert taught him composition. On the Brussels Conservatory of music piano lessons he granted Louis Brassin. In the boarding house includes Edgar hunger. For the same reason, he still often must change the accommodation. When he is 14 years old, his father becomes ill. Edgar lessons and piano playing to dance and magic performances earned two franc piano week. At the Conservatory, he receives the first prize in music theory and theoretical music. The lessons from Brassin is crowned with success. in 1873, Edgar Tinel is awarded with the first prize for his piano playing.


MLM businesses provide the ability to generate significant residual income working from home, but not all companies will allow you to obtain these results. The idea is to go after one that is professional, serious, honest and that allows you to obtain those results that you both want, but how can you do to recognize and differentiate it from the others? in this article you’ll see the key aspects that you must evaluate every MLM company. Ali Partovi has many thoughts on the issue. 1) Product or service can be consumed by people who are not interested in conducting the business?. The first thing you evaluate is the product or service that sells the company. If you do not feel attracted by the product or service, or do not consider it valuable, others probably will not.

Therefore you may have difficulties in a future offering that product. (2) It is an already established company?. It is important that you know how long that company is operating. Otherwise there is no guarantee that that company will be for a long period of time. Would anyone work and strive for months so that you then close your company and runs out of nothing.

This is what you should try to avoid. (3) Does the company offer a good compensation plan?. This is one of the factors that most people test before joining a MLM company. Care! You must not only go after large numbers that you will be irresistible at first sight. You should carefully evaluate and find a plan that allows you to not only win by your effort, but also by the results that get your affiliates. This way you can have a network and generate much more money without having to make the effort yourself (multiplication effect). (4) Do you know who is the owner or President of the company.? This is very important because you must not only know to the owner or President of the company but also its reputation!. Do an honest person and transparent or is always stuck in bad misunderstandings, frauds and scams?. Find out this information before enrolling in a company Multilevel. (5) Are there still opportunities for growth/expansion?. You don’t want to join a company that everyone already belongs. You should focus on companies that have a good reputation but at the same time allow growth and expansion so you can develop a network of new distributors. Most people only evaluate the amount of money they must invest before joining a particular company, but as you can see there are many other aspects as or more important to that you must take into account to assess the MLM company that you are about to join.

Michael Richter

To competitors, potential partners, customers and market segments, to price expectations, procedures, etc., depending on the category. For the vast number of corporations is the everyday business. is likely to agree. But smaller companies, mainly, that the Yes anyway not could be for them, because we understand our customers think they understand and, and we get along just fine ‘. That may be so, as long as one has only a 20 or 40 customers, but not growth, aims connected with new customer, new market segments, additional representatives, all over the world, etc, etc.! Then it’s going to be difficult, because suddenly there is E.g. a variety of market segments, or even countries that were previously little known, which offer a potential customer, and that, if growth is to be achieved, separately to examine and treat are. Internally and externally. At the latest, best but before, we need a careful marketing strategy.

And this must be then both the personal sales include whether directly or through distributors as well as an Internet strategy,. Of course you can continue to, as so far, mur competition (also from all over the world!) might think ande4rs, and hunt down us customers or our ‘ market segments shrink or even occupy. And then? Reminder: corporations (which started as small) have considered at an early stage that, otherwise they wouldn’t be here, where they are today. 2012 stands before the door, there will be time Michael Richter – international marketing and sales consultant, Seekirch – deals for more than 35 years with strategic marketing. By the market investigation, to the planning and successful marketing, the various investment and durable goods, on all five continents. The resulting knowledge and experience he offers its global customers for marketing and Sales, in particular SMEs. In addition, it offers worldwide practical support, coaching, corporate seminars and also the creation of successful websites. Michael Richter – international marketing and sales consultant 27 main road 88422 Seekirch/Germany marketing country experiences = = Tel. 07582-933371