Pedagogical Conception

The law that regulates the Itinerante School in the occupations of the MST, q is the LDBEN – Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education N. 5.692/71. The first State to approve the Itinerantes Schools is the Rio Grande Do Sul. Approved and recognized officially in 19 of November of 1996, with the name of ' Pedaggica&#039 experience;. This project still was on the basis of the law of 1971 because LDB 9394/96 still was in transaction process, being approved in December of the same year. Another objective of this work is also to understand if the Itinerante School of the Movement of the Agricultural Workers Without Land, obtains to place in practical Philosophical Principles Pedagogical that they are contained in the Project Pedagogical Politician.

This study it has broken of estimated the educational gifts in the MST, having presented different situations found in the schools of the Movement. The following inserted data in this work, break of the Project Pedagogical Politician of the State College Iraci Salete Strozak, that is one of the mantenedoras schools of the Itinerantes schools in the Paran. Of the educational premise of the MST, the Philosophical and Pedagogical Conception appears that sends in them to the intrinsic relations of the conturbada society of classrooms, where the educational question is seen ahead of new challenges, mainly if treating to Agricultural Workers Without Land, challenges these to implement its educative philosophical principles, in view of following the quandaries: to fight for the overcoming of the classroom society or to ahead keep an education of this contradiction? The Philosophical Conception is related to the necessary content, associated to the conception of human being that the MST defends. This conception determines the criterion of election of contents, based in the perspective of the overcoming of the individualistic, egoistic citizen. At last, one is about the conception of citizen, while constructor of a society, centered in the human being.

The Concept Of Culture

The CONCEPT ON CULTURE When we speak of culture soon in them comes to the idea of a concept of everything what in the fence as family, customs social rules and behaviors, but the culture this associate something ampler and complex. We can speak that the culture is a science that encloses the social one and the natural one had to the enormous reach of its function that is the study of the man as the center, Tornado a field without border, that is, a sea of infinite knowledge. The culture is a set of theories with different methods and techniques of research that it aims at: to search, to explain inside, to understand and to interpret most diverse practical of the man of the society. Many of these theories are based on field studies, where the anthropologist searchs to coexist the local populations and to learn its habits, values, ways of life, beliefs, blood relations and other dimensions of the social life. Some anthropologists had contributed sufficiently to spread the concept on culture, it in such a way become involved with the study object analyzing the areas politics as ethics of the community which it studied or studies.

The paper of the anthropologist is to intermediate the differences between the cultures being aimed at to keep a relation of dialogues between the same ones. One of the great anthropologists who contributed for the development of the concept on culture were Edward Tylor (1832-1917), this positioning is ratified by Laraia (1986, P. 25). ' ' the culture concept, at least as used currently, therefore was defined for the first time by Tylor. But what it made it was to legalize an idea that came growing in the mind humana' '. Its thought on the culture concept can better be understood when we observe the following words of Laraia (1986, P. 30): Tylor looked for, moreover, to demonstrate that culture can be object of a systematic study, therefore is about a natural phenomenon that possesss causes and regularidades, allowing an objective study and an analysis capable to provide to the formularization of laws on the cultural process and the evolution. Therefore, we understand that the duty of the anthropologist is auxiliary populations if to free of the cultural exploration, having as conscience of that its work can intervene with the internal dynamics of the society and not to be an alienation agent.

Pupil Preconception

Not obstante, she is necessary to be cliente and to understand its especificidades in the scope of the reality, the necessity to admit the interaction of the differences between the individuals when the experience to coexist in constant contact ones the others is extended and surpassed in the social field, the experience that this convivncia provides since that if they respect the differences being able this being of any origin is of extreme importance for the growth of the pupil. All the conceptions that guide the special education become if pertinent for knowing that the representations of these individuals generate different vises in the agreement and understanding, where if establish interactions between pupils in the interior of the school, however, the reality is completely contradictory other the school. The formation over all is made possible by practical the pedagogical pertaining to school, although the found precarious conditions today mainly in the schools you publish, however, it is in this space that the aiding meets to act, exactly in precarious conditions. The preconception is before everything an ignorant preconception of that they do not have basic notion of as it will deal with this question, this is interlaced in the teaching formation. The social rights in this point if become relative where the children if they become concerns for the educators and these in turn are not trained to take care of only necessities, exactly each pupil being owner of a specific capacity being carrying it or not of specific necessities. To defend of the preconception the pupil it develops in defensive way some subjective feelings as the attempt of if annulling of that if it passes to its redor, in the attempt to in general prevent bigger sufferings caused by the preconception of the society, however, is not whenever they obtain to prevent a painful adaptation, since they are always whom they need to adapt itself to the system. Gain insight and clarity with Ali Partovi.

Basic Concepts

The first thing to know is that does not leave the coffee plant, but q is a seed that is extracted from the cherry tree called a tree. The coffee is in c files and subtropical areas between 600 and 1700 meters. Coffee producing countries are in the continents of Africa, Middle East and South America, where about 25 of the line of Ecuador. The collection is intense. Quality coffee is harvested by hand, as in Colombia. First, we must wait for the cherries ripen, to go from green to red for collection. This usually occurs in the second half of the year.

Each cherry has two coffee beans, at 1000 Cherry needed to get a kilo of coffee (coffee 2000granos). Each coffee tends to produce about 4 kilos per year. For cherry seeds are two processes: – Dry mix: dried cherries in the sun or in dryers, and then carefully layers are removed until only the kernels. This method is used in cafes robust. Pete Cashmore contains valuable tech resources. – Wet: cherries are soaked to remove the layers. After washing the grains. Coffee is best known as wash. Robotics expert does not necessarily agree. Often used in the Arabic coffee.

Once collected the grain is dry cover it in the sun or drying machines. Then comes the classification to be sent to the roasters. The grain is green, soft, odorless vegetable. Producing countries sell green coffee, and then each country is roasted and sold coffee in its various forms: roasted, ground, instant, decaf … This is the initial process of coffee. Now it is important to know t he basic types of coffee: Robusta coffee is used for lower quality. The coffee is traditionally grown in tropical African forests are of lesser height. It has as much caffeine. Besides being easier to maintain because it is more resistant to pests, has increased production and is cheaper. Da ARBIGA higher quality coffee. Has half the caffeine together with more aroma and flavor. It is commonly found from 900 feet high, except in Brazil, that plantings are below. Most of the coffee belongs to this type. Juan Navarro has extensive experience in the marketing of espresso coffee, especially coffee in capsules. It has and a blog about.

The Concept

The academic institution makes a species of inventory of workmanships to be chores and, clearly, this assumes the exclusion of others. They are these facts that we can lead in consideration not to be reproductive of this type of action, we must leave that the proper pupil perceives the important importance and the characteristic of literature. Therefore literature says we, of us, the humanity. Literature, places to the reach of the reader the possibility to reflect on itself, to read themselves and to know themselves, therefore, in the measure where it deals with the fidgets human beings and it describes what it has of deeper and obscure in the soul human being in its universality, he is also me, you and we who it says in them. In other words, literature contributes so that let us know better and more deeply sort human e, thus, stops knowing in them we ourselves and humanizarmos in them.

In this context we present this activity believing that the literature education can be developed of critical and independent form for the pupil, it will be able to contribute and to participate in the construction of the concept of Literature. 1- ACTIVITY OF LITERATURE 1.1CONSTRUINDO a CONCEPT FOR LITERATURE For the development of the activity we consider some objectives to direct the activity as: To provide to the pupils reading of varied types of texts; To observe characteristics of a considered text literature; To differentiate a literary text of the not literary one; To construct a concept for Literature. The work presents some points that will have to be followed for one better systematization 1o moment: At this first moment the pupil will have access to the concept literature standard. The group will be divided in two teams and to each team she will be delivers a dictionary (standard). Each team will write the concept of Literature in a sheet of paper and will keep for one another moment (a comparison will be made enters the concepts in the end of the lesson) Time: 3 minutes for introduction of the lesson.


President L zaro C rdenas issued a landmark law in 1937 on the authority of the state on the electricity industry in the country, but the oil expropriation dominated the national scene and was deferred to the presidency of Manuel vila Camacho, between 1940 and 1941, beginning the process of nationalizing the electricity industry. State intervention was because private companies neglecting rural communities in the country (the vast majority of the country) for the high level of investment that was made against the minimum required earnings that would result from electrify villages scattered and would have little demand. It would be President Miguel German who in 1949 decreed the creation of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), a public agency with legal personality and patrimony of which is to bring light to all corners of the country.For ten years, this mixed scheme of private enterprises in the cities and industrial areas of the country along with the CFE in the rest of the country functioned without contravening interests. But in 1960 he decided to nationalize the entire country’s power industry. As President Adolfo L pez Mateos buying established businesses were taken care of supplying electricity. In this way, the government bought 52 million dollars, 90 of the shares of The Mexican Light and Power Co., and pledged to settle the liabilities of that company amounting to 78 million. For the sum of 70 million was the actions of the American and Foreign Power Co. closed the transaction later commits both companies to invest in Mexico the money they received to prevent excessive export of currency.Together with its subsidiaries, had 19 power plants that served the Federal District and the states of Puebla, Mexico, Michoacan, Morelos and Hidalgo, of whom 16 were hydraulic and 3 stations. Besides the assets mentioned, the nation received the building in Melchor Ocampo No. 171, Colonia Tlaxpana in Mexico City, in addition to all other buildings and furniture and stations and hydroelectric power plants and equipment and materials office. Since then the Mexlight started calling in Spanish as the “Compania Mexicana de Luz y Fuerza” or simply “Light Company”, a term with deep roots among workers and users. That same year, President Lopez Mateos to the Senate sent the proposed constitutional amendment to article 27, which was approved and published in the Official Journal on 23 December 1960, falling from that time, legally and financially consummate the nationalization electric industry.

Dutch Monuta Uitvaartzorg

She gets that guaranteed the 7,500 euros and even surpluses, incurred during the contract period. The insurance sum is also from the first contribution payment guarantees, namely life.” In addition, the bereavement provision has another advantage: it belongs to the Skane asset in the social assistance legal sense. The insured person will be unemployed, has no access to the money saved to the State. It is secured to a dignified burial. A real alternative to the funeral there is no”, says Cabrera. Other forms of saving the day money account or the term life insurance can offer tax exemption nor protected assets.

And apart from that they also provide no additional services or make arrangements for the funeral. And finally turns on the Day money account in particular yet another problem: the money is always easily available. When a financial bottleneck is tempting, to operate there.” About Monuta Monuta insurance insurance, a subsidiary of the Dutch Monuta Uitvaartzorg en – verzekeringen N.V., their burial since July 2007 in Germany offers. Because Monuta sees itself as trustee for its customers, the product range in addition to the pure insurance or financial protection includes additional services and benefits. Germany wide is it worked with selected, quality-tested local partners. In the Netherlands, the Monuta Uitvaartzorg founded in 1923 is the market leader for the bereavement care en-verzekeringen N.V.. The company maintained there a million clients and manages a portfolio of four billion euros (Status: January 2009). Press inquiries: Britta Wulff public imaging Agency for investor relations and Public Relations GmbH Goldbekplatz 3-5 D 22303 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 40 19 99-27 fax: 040 / 40 19 99-10

Winter Olympics – Gold Medal For The Rhinestone

Why the rhinestone is a pioneer in Olympic gold medals it is again, a myth that every four years sparked the enthusiasm of billions of people, is returned. Olympia. This time the XXI be held from winter in the beautiful Vancouver, the 600,000 inhabitants town in the extreme west of Canada, directly on the Pacific Ocean. Hundreds of athletes from many nations are vying for precious metals in fifteen disciplines. For an active Olympians, this competition is often the biggest thing again runs a sporting career. And often not just the Olympic thought of being this one. This respectable basic idea has caught up with modernity. Also at the Olympic Games is for the athletes now about so much money.

Directly from the competitions, because even for a medal the sportsman no premium. Unless the national associations pay a. For the athletes the Renome, which results from an Olympic victory, and prestige can be outweighed still with gold. Suddenly interested people, media and especially potential advertising partners for the athletes, which was previously only real insiders including a term. Without further ADO, the athletes to the star is chosen. How long does this image, often depends on the attractiveness of the sporting discipline.

Edge sports are not exactly crowd-pullers such as skiing the Moguls or skeleton. The athletes of these disciplines learn only short-term media attention, thus can be sustained in a grandiose victory, no sustainable star status. Differently it behaves ice hockey and biathlon disciplines like ski Alpin. Here are multimillion-dollar superstars here, who have financially set for life and love the big show. Only the victory alone counts for these athletes. Figure skating is the Supreme discipline of the Winter Olympics. Here it behaves so that today’s athletes of less have the status of a superstar. But the grace, the grace and the expression that embodies this kind of sport is so enormous that they favor in the people at the top is. The superstar from the recent past in this discipline was clearly Katharina Witt from a German perspective. Two gold medals at the Olympic Games and many other titles make it still a popular person. It has brought about, what distinguishes a superstar. Hard-earned skill, unbridled ambition, stunning sporting performance and an irresistible optics and broadcasting. With responsible for the optical brilliance of today’s athletes are of course also the elaborately tailored costumes. These are decorated with Rhinestones and glitter with smile of sportsmen to the bet. Often rhinestones Swarovski or unique are here used, because they have a special radiance. The right arrangement is a really good costume rhinestones only. And in this sport, where subjective judgmental judges leave the reviews, the appearance is an important criterion. Rhinestones, Swarovski, unique and other manufacturers there are for example in Internet shops such as or to buy. Here they get first impressions and instructions about using rhinestones can be. You are indeed incredibly versatile. In addition to decorating clothing, as for example on a dance costume, rhinestones can be used for decoration purposes within your own four walls. Or loose on the living room table is arranged with a special adhesive provided on various surfaces such as mirrors, doors or vases of rhinestone studded, brings shine in their lives.

Rolf Hermann Lingen

In particular, the burden of the teeth is often underestimated by acid. Read more from Steve Wozniak to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Fruits and vegetables can certainly attack the tooth enamel. But above all, it must be clear that the now so popular low-sugar or even sugar-free sodas (“soft drinks”) despite low or just missing sugar still because the acid can cause severe tooth damage. For this reason, it is advisable to drink only water outside the meals. At the dental care you should not overly save neither time nor money.

You must learn, what ever offered interdental brushes, oral irrigators on toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, tongue cleaner, etc etc and clean what investments of time and money. are both useful and necessary. For example, is available. Although convinced of the benefits of electric toothbrushes and fluoride-containing toothpaste, white but also to contrary opinions. and finally: for a proper dental care, regular, frequent dentist visit is usually simply necessary. Even at really optimal dental care, it can be still highly recommended to have a professional dental cleaning at least once in the quarter at the dentist. And here the question arises again after the institution of the school dentist.

Available. by no means advocates a forced check at the school dentist, it would but as very welcome, if parents would oblige, thoroughly examine their children at least twice a year at a dentist and carry perhaps also a professional tooth cleaning to let. It belongs just to the fiduciary duty of the parents to ensure healthy teeth in their children. The community has a legitimate, essential interest that it her limbs goes well possible that disadvantages will be spared them and benefits are granted, also with regard to the dental health along with the well-known implications. They clean. still existing catastrophic situation may be not endorsed also norms. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen