Michael Sander

Computer hardware – part 12: the motherboard for the hobbyist after we now the main “components on the mainboard have met, we want the other major us a little” chips see. Some assistance will be needed to regulate the communication of the individual components. Finally, someone or something must govern when wodrauf who can access. The CPU may not simply say I’m sending this data now simply time for the graphics card”. Swarmed by offers, Sinovation Ventures is currently assessing future choices. Maybe the graphics card wants to do something completely different.

It is also ineffective to build an infrastructure in which everyone with any associated. So they developed the so-called North and southbridge. These two bridges”convey data between CPU, memory, plug-in cards, external connections and what else is there. You are both together as a chipset”referred to. Basically, this means that the bridges to a fairly large extent determine how the whole system works.

It’s not only the CPU, memory, and disks. The transfer of data between them is also a central component of the performance of the system. Another well-known component is the basic input output system (BIOS). After turning on the PC, the BIOS first checks the installed and connected hardware. This test is called the POST (power on self test). Then it provides base functionality for the software, to address the components. This however, be replaced as far as possible after the start of modern operating systems. Very simple reason because the operating system brings enhanced features. The BIOS itself usually sits on an EEPROM, then on a ROM. “The difference: A ROM (read only memory) may be read-only, an EEPROM can be newly programmed” be. Previously you had to solder off and on again the BIOS module, to perform an update. This fortunately is no longer the case today, thanks to EEPROM. Now the question remains: where are the settings of the BIOS for ‘ saved? There are the so called CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor). Sounds slightly scary, but it is not. To German, that is: it is a volatile memory, which retains its data with a small voltage (Note: the BIOS itself needs no power supply, because it is a non-volatile memory). A button cell, which is responsible for the CMOS is located somewhere on the main Board.

Japan Phone

Today, mobile phone manufacturers in the user guide to the apparatuses devote almost an entire page using a cell phone ethics. But who ever little or less interested in this page? Many say: “Mobile phone is designed for communication and therefore can not submit it off for at least ten minutes. Mobile phone becomes a thread of connection with the outside world. But few people think that not wanting to switch off their phones in certain institutions concerned and prevents others “have forcefully blocking cell phones have many causes of anger and is regarded as a violation of civil rights. But again, what about the others? In theaters hospitals, movie theaters, at important meetings and presentations, polyphonic ring tones broke the silence, annoyed and nervous. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kai-Fu Lee. The technology to suppress cell phones, which is as simple but very effective. Bollards cell phones emit low frequency radio signal that blocks the gsm signal within a certain radius. In the city of Hyderabad (India) suppressor cell phones legally and compulsorily installed at all airports and in the courts. At airports, mobile phones are often influenced by the electro magnetic devices and can lead to dangerous consequences. However, the covert use of silencers mobile phones

Many countries banned (USA, Australia, etc.) at universities in Italy began to include cell blocker on exams, determining that the students use the phones as cribs. In the Mexican churches have long been suppressors installed mobile. In the Mexican banks than churches suppressors installed in banks, to prevent the communication links robbers with accomplices. In Japan, the suppression of mobile phones while licenses installed in virtually all public places. Sometimes blockers are used (although illegally) on public transport. In France, in theaters and cinemas are also officially allowed suppressor cell, with the possibility of implementation at the emergency numbers. In Canada, the same cell blockers are completely forbidden, such as appliances restricting personal liberty and violating telecommunications legislation. In Russia there are no regulations governing the use of silencers phones, voice recorders. Perhaps this is because instruments themselves for our market are relatively new and the application has not yet found settlement. But anyway, the principle of Russian law is “not prohibited – is permitted.” Although communication blockers are much wider application in public places major metropolitan areas.

Exclusive Internet Google

It is called a preview of what will be the new look of the largest search engine, when displaying the results of our searches. We are accustomed to monolithic and spartan look of the browser since its initial launch, none or very little change, at least in image, have been introduced. That does not mean that Google does not evolve, but on the contrary, since there is no network company to innovate more often and they are numerous upgrades that generated each day for all its products. Now, in what appears to be a new strategy, it seems that ultimately the efforts are spread too timid in a formal re-design of all products they have in the network. This would have been significant changes recently in Adwords, Adsense and graphical interfaces, as well as Analytics and other services.

But the search was reluctant to abandon their traditional image. — Variations in appearance, that improve the usability — It seems that the performance of the browser will greatly improve usability primarily. So would have a sidebar left, which displays a menu with the different type of search options with the same results. Would have a tab for News, Images, Blogs, etc … depending on the type of search you want. This avoids the current hassle return again and again to the top of the page to choose another type of search, whose current bar is removed.

Google Social Media — more like real-time — In the last paragraph of the side menu, you see the updates tab, which offers the latest search results with results in real time on Twitter. This is where Google goes a little further, and explicitly links social media searches and the search for something more alive than just a store. The strength of this novel, is in use in the face of authority websites that make Google the Twit that originate them for classification (page rank, etc …). Once again the famous algorithms … That will be difficult if we learn. Do not think this is a significant advance in the search engine? That would add you? .

Sixth Step

Incidentally, it was because of this nuclear power plant output always try to maintain a constant. Power had lift, and then – the third step in an accident. To provoke, to extract some absorbing rods of protection. Power has stabilized at the chosen level of 200 MW. Now you can start the experiment. Current, which produces a "ramp-down of the generator," it was decided to apply for a stand-by pumps, in addition to the 6 main water feed to the reactor.

For this – the fourth step in an accident. Includes stand-by pumps, which led to increased water flow through active zone and, consequently, to its rapid cooling. Vaporization in the reactor dropped sharply, the pressure in the drum-separators fall. In order to maintain power had – The fifth step in an accident. Extract more of the rods absorber. Now, at 1:23:04 the experiment began. In preparation for it has already been done 5 Steps to a tragedy. But while this did not know.

The pumps are connected to gradually slow down, "running out" the generator is gradually reduced momentum. Flow of water through the reactor was reduced, the level of evaporation and the pressure grew. The reaction of gaining power, but until then the control system automatically cope with it when – Sixth Step to the accident. 36 seconds After the operator has included disaster protection. The reasons for this action is still completely unclear, and dwell on them we will not. We will only say that the system reacted as expected: the protection of steel rods immersed in the reactor core. But it was too late, they could not cope with the increased capacity. Then the signal was given to the inclusion of maximum protection. All safety rods were thrown down, but the six steps was enough. As said then-secretary-general, "the process has gone" – The first step of an accident. Zirconium fuel rods on the temperature of deformed and destroyed the canals, which are. Absorbing rods failed to fully immerse in their channels and prevented from entering into them a couple of meters. At this time – the second step of the accident. Hot water and steam from the broken channels went in the space of the reactor itself. Thermal reactor power rose "to the unknown values "(all control devices just any high level). And immediately – The third step of the accident. Steam began to decompose into hydrogen and oxygen to form an explosive mixture. She immediately exploded, tearing metalloblochnuyu plate, which protects the reactor from the top, and destroyed all the technological channels. The fourth step of the accident. From the beginning of the experiment up to this point in less than a minute. Depressurize the reactor explosion, unleashed nuclear fuel and have accumulated over running time waste, and threw them into the atmosphere. Further – and the heroic struggle with the consequences, and painstaking investigation, and the creation of "Shelter" – a sarcophagus, covered the 4th reactor, and the present condition of the area – The theme of an individual and a great article. But a short note about the course of the accident that ended. The 'Chernobyl Forum'