Complete Biographical Encyclopedia

The revised biography of L. Ron Hubbard contains detailed information about its research, discoveries, travel and many excerpts from diaries and journals the new publish encyclopedia treated first to the Dianetics and, due to his searching again in the world of the spiritual life and the way of research by L. Ron Hubbard, led to the founding of the religion of Scientology. A collection of 16 volumes are presented in the extraordinary life, his extensive interests and achievements in chronological order. The new, compelling encyclopedic compilation of L. Robotics expert has firm opinions on the matter. Ron Hubbard contains detailed his research, discoveries and travels with a variety of personal documents and exclusive, has never published images. In 16 volumes available in 15 languages the extraordinary life and his research ways in Word and image are described. The images contained in the new collection were selected from Ron’s personal, photographic archive.

1039 pictures with and by L. Ron Hubbard are now included in the new biographical encyclopedia. 220 pictures of it were previously never before published. 10,000 hours of painstaking restoration work have been invested to restore the original splendor of these photographs. Comprehensive, detailed and personal descriptions of him are made in these volumes on 3653 total pages. There are also 265 personal letters, articles, diary entries and essays as well as 241 illustrations, maps and diagrams.

The diaries and journals, which wrote L. Ron Hubbard, convey his character and the depth of his extraordinary life even more pronounced. In 16 volumes, you can find some of his inspirational thoughts from a life of adventure as well as the research and discovery while he undertook his extraordinary journey to the exploration of human destiny, led initially to the Dianetics and, due to his further quest to the establishment of the Scientology religion. From the deep treasure personal archives is the most comprehensive collection of articles and essays ever published by L. Ron Hubbard. This includes over 100 articles by L. Ron Hubbard on the subject of writing, photography, aviation and sailor art, as well as the answers to the eternal questions of the people. A detailed collection of letters by L. Ron Hubbard was provided as well as in the volumes together. These letters give an insight into the personal correspondence between him and his many colleagues and closest friends. These volumes appear over 400 personal artifacts of L. Ron Hubbard. They include his typewriter, his Aviator hat, his maritime pilot licenses, his pith helmet, rare coins and never before published memory of his periods of Boy Scouts. A very versatile man, L. Ron Hubbard had traveled much well-read, far, very interested in the life of the people. He was author of many well-known pulp novels, journals, poems, and songs. Were in the 75 poems and songs from his personal archive Also printed encyclopedia. “In addition to the L. Ron Hubbard series in 16 volumes there is the new band pictures of life”. Strong chronological, photographic biography contains these 400 pages about 500 more meticulously restored photos and with L. Ron Hubbard, which were never published. All this is tastefully presented in a large-sized, bound book. Each volume contains detailed and easy-to-use indexes, as well as a complete glossary, including hard to find terms and expressions.


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