Industrial Europe

If you say it even easier – imagine a piece of mesh-netting, in which there is corrosion in places weave and mechanical cutting, and that all of these critical areas now protected with silicone. That's about how it was made with polyurethane polymers. The technology of using force to 'matching' polymers emerged in the 70's of last century. Click Marc Mathieu to learn more. But for a very long time remained fairly expensive. In this connection, used exclusively in the military-industrial complex and the aircraft of European states.

But in the early 80's due to the increase in consumer markets, there was opportunity to expand production capacity and make the MS-polymer significantly cheaper. A Brief History of MS-polymer: * 1949: Founding of joint stock company * 1970: Founding KanekBelgium * 1971: Founding KanekAmericas * 1979: Launch of ms (Takasago) * 1980: ms is used in construction of Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank-Tokyo * 1982: Introduction of ms in Europe and the U.S. * 1985: Start of trade in Europe (Belgium) * 1991: Setting a research and technical services Owell * 1997: Installation of European production unit for ms * 2004 : Increase production capacity in Europe Today the use of adhesives and sealants based on MS-polymer grows enormous pace. And what is there to be surprised – in fact preserving and enhancing the positive qualities polyurethane formulations (excellent adhesion to any surface, excellent elasticity and strength), the material gains, or increases resistance to uv, water, acids, alkalis, high temperature, etc. critical factors. Only in Europe in the industrial sector, the percentage consumption of MS-polymer adhesives, sealants up to 60, and in the construction industry to 75, among others materials Industrial applications such materials are very diverse – this is the production of buses, trains and subway cars, trailers and trucks and any vehicles associated with the transport of people.

ProVitum Doctor

Prevention and complementary therapy at a sophisticated level of resident physician can rely increasingly less that his patients with the satisfied, what the cash medicine has to offer. So it is not surprising that this year again many commercial health centers parallel are founded to the Panel doctor practice. Every day, experience shows that the vast majority of patients of a fund doctor’s Office is ready to take self number ER services as long as they are useful and the patient is convinced of their usefulness. Against this background, it would be a fatal mistake to offer no even number ER services by a panel doctor. The patient would be probably to and may consult colleagues next door, because this offers useful supplementary services, which are the patients. Navitum Pharma has recognized this early on and made it to the task, evidence based products for the prevention and complementary therapy in Hedgehog practice and practice parallel health centers for the benefit of to provide by doctor and patient.

This is the credo of the company, the international medical research for the practice to apply it and to translate based products in evidence. So succeeded Pharma Navitum, based on the results of big international prevention and treatment trials for the complementary treatment of chronic diseases on a nutritional basis to develop unique products with nutraceuticals and to make available to doctors and patients. While the test preparations used in the studies 1zu1 be translated into medications for daily use. Thus, the user are products available that are content – and dose the same as successful preparations of modern international studies. Good examples of this are ProVitum, a product based on the Su.Vi.Max study on the prevention of prostate cancer. MemoVitum is based on research results of a WHO Laboratory in Canada and is decreasing mental vitality and weakened immune status shown. But also products with a strong research background to the complementary dietary therapy include Pharma Navitum product portfolio. Example of this is ArtVitum, which is displayed in degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis.

ArtVitum Chondroprotektiva in such quantities are included that the clinically tested dosages are used in compliance with the recommended daily dose. This makes ArtVitum so unique. These and like all other products of the House are Navitum in addition by independent experts reviewed and confirmed. This makes the products. Because is ensures that the results of clinical trials are transferable and can be employed for the benefit of patients of doctor and doctor. Navitum Pharma offers in the field of prevention and complementary medicine thus only products that meet modern scientific and rational criteria and therefore ideal type for meaningful and benefit-oriented self number ER services suitable are. Who carries itself with the thought up the own Hedgehog services or to expand or to establish a practice of parallel health centre and to learn more about Navitum Pharma wants to, can contact by mail directly to the Managing Director of the company.

Interior Minister

As has been noted, why so little political will of design is based on the Black Yellow coalition. Because they were so success-drunk by the election result. that the blueprints for a visionary coalition agreement was lacking. The entire body of treaties had been cobbled together by Merkel and Westerwelle. It was simply the sensors for the most relevant economic and social topics. Now, we can admire the consequences of this bungling. Pete Cashmore contains valuable tech resources. Underestimate one should not the rhetoric of the Minister of the Interior for this reason.

He wants to take care of rest on the front of the Internet now. Once we enforce the law, then, if that’s not enough, we make new laws. Self-regulation, talk: the market goes before State. The law should not stifle the technique (how generous, gs), but it must prevent excesses. And international rules are better than national – where but (still) not there, because Berlin is, since Europe is quite also alone”so Wefing time.

It was all so reasonable and right that one wonders why only now? Oh well. Thomas de Maziere is”much smarter than Zensursula. We are seeing already abandoning repressive power rules how it the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) somewhat naively believed? The BVDW welcomes the finding that existing law is already today generally sufficient. According to new laws, we also see the knee-jerk call not as goal-oriented. Especially appreciated the BVDW unique pronunciation of Interior Minister de Maiziere for a strengthening of the self-regulating of the industry. The BVDW sees itself confirmed in its appropriate initiatives in this field and also refers to such demands at European level, as it is formulated by the umbrella organization of IAB Europe. Finally, above all the opportunities of the Internet are again brought to the fore. “The BVDW is the statement true, one should the Internet neither as lawless (oh, no, dear BVDW, please not this of the Leyen phrase, gs) is still primarily considered ‘criminal’ room, perfectly too.” The BVDW should commit itself to the study of Machiavelli, because some time bombs in the speech of the Minister of the Interior. It occurs more sensitively than Predecessor, writes Andre Meister: fundamental issues of freedom and security he differs very little from its predecessors, as he himself admits. Whether power-political dialogue was now make sense, I leave to others. What is certain is that we must be more vigilant and cheeky away of all tea party. The next debate is determined.” It is so. The Minister of the Interior plays the Fox, which wants to raise not more outrage Zensursula waves at the time. “From the Fox, a lion can be again very quickly, if the requirements of the State not voluntary” to be implemented by the economic. The Minister of the Interior never opts for a strengthening of the regulatory forces. Also, it could also quickly hide behind European rules and then announce that there is no alternative, for example, to an EU regulation on network lock and was binding on national law – blah, blah. Here is where I tell time blog.