Intel Core

The current line of chips include microprocessors Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 models. These three new members of the Intel Core family were released in 2010, however not all predate them models will be discontinued. The line of Core 2 microprocessors will continue being manufactured by Intel. The brand of processors Core is generally considered as the highest quality chip produced by Intel, being much more powerful than processors such as the Pentium and the Celeron. Within this new line of processors i3 is generally regarded as that has a more basic level of performance, the i5 is regarded as a processor of rank medium and the i7 processor with high performance of the group. The new Intel Core chips present a variety of characteristics that place them somewhere higher than present processors so far in the market.

A large number of these chips will be produced with a 32-nanometer technology. A processor of this size has not been produced never before, fact which shows the Advanced technology in the development of these chips. In this way users can expect more small and fast processors since Intel Core processor line has been updated accordingly to take advantage of this progress. A feature that all chips Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 will have is an integrated DDR3 memory controller to achieve faster performance. All models Core also supported operating systems of 64 bit, which seems to be the direction in which the industry is moving. All models also include cache 256 KB L2 per core, but more importantly they will use cache L3 large instead of just using L2 as in models Core earlier.

The chip Intel Core i7 can have up to 12 MB of cache shared. The model of microprocessor Intel Core i3 will be among its most important features support for hyper threading and virtualization. Both features are impressive on a processor that is considered entry level. Many users today nowadays they are beginning to use their computers in ways that presented a greater demand for processing in the past, and this drastic development in basic level processors is an example of this. Many clients today use their computers to edit home movies, watch high-definition videos or create multimedia content gone from your home computer. Intel has recognized the need to maintain the industry aware of the change in the dynamics of the home computing and has delivered its users an impressive microprocessor capable of doing the job. The Intel Core i5 is a step beyond the i3 model and will provide a significant increase in speed during high demand for processing tasks. While the i3 processors are all based on dual-core, the i5 comes in configurations dual core and quad core also. Although processors i5 dual core and quad core in addition to its number of cores are slightly different, users if you will notice an increase in the processing power using a greater number of cores. Either dual or quad core, the i5 is the perfect processor for anyone who uses their computer for more than just check their e-mail and play Solitaire. The grandfather of all processors currently on the market, the Intel Core i7 features blazing speeds on home computers. If you are a serious player or does video editing on your computer, an i7 is highly recommended. Despite being more expensive than the i3 and the i5, i7 is incredibly fast and nobody with the budget must ignore it.

Night Sky Design

Can be made in any color and texture. Fits well in rooms with columns, pipes, rambling and irregular geometry. In the ceiling may be necessary to integrate different items – lamps, chandeliers, hvac systems, sensors and fire alarm system in the required quantity and desired location. Use of this form allows you to achieve a stretch ceiling floor space of any size perfectly flat surface. Stretch ceilings starry sky. 'Starry sky' is a symbiosis of a stretch ceiling systems and light based on fiber-optic technology.

Used for simulate the real night sky in an interior room. An additional effect of the depth of the sky is achieved through the use of glossy textures. While this design may display different patterns Night Sky: clusters of galaxies, constellations, zodiac signs, the Milky Way – with varying brightness of stars and the glow of flickering. You can create different colors shine a starry sky. The 'starry sky' as well as in all other forms of our stretch ceilings can install any additional lighting and other devices.

The design of 'starry sky' is a realistic copy of the night sky. Multi-level stretch ceilings. This design is a stretch ceiling – one of the richest in variations. Technically, the number of levels is unlimited. Multilevel ceiling interesting combination of different textures and colors. Using the ceiling with the transition level can be visually divide the room into different functional-semantic group, creating a single independent interior zone. In the same way we can emphasize the elements of decoration and interior design, repeating their shape (and possibly color) on the ceiling. An additional effect of increasing the amount of space is achieved through the contrast of textures and colors in different levels. Due to the transition level can be locally prominent hide unwanted elements and the ceiling walls, without losing the overall height of the room and the elegance of the interior. Stretch ceilings are arched. Characterized by a smooth transition walls at the ceiling. Used to change the standard rectangular geometry of space and giving it a new form. Is used as one, and with multiple parties premises or on the perimeter. The last option arrangement of arches can be reduced to form a dome. The radius of curvature and the level of lifting the arches of the stretch Ceiling freely varied. In case of emergency, with communications pipes suspended ceiling is a real protection of the interior from water leaks and, possibly, from the crumbling of small particles of the base ceiling. Stretch ceilings in the form of dunes. Will come to your room an original look, achieved through the bulk, three-dimensional form the ceiling, visually reminiscent of the hills or dunes. Particularly harmonious combination looks dunes with different combinations of lamps. Varying the diameter and depth of design makes it possible to get different forms of the ceiling. The number and dimension of the dunes on the ceilings is not actually limited. Thus, this form allows a smooth transition of the column to the ceiling, in addition, it can help you beat the ventilation system or to create an unusual design of the ceiling light design.

Industrial Group

Now everything is the opposite. Now, when the family budget resources are sorely lacking when food prices are increasing every day, you should think about returning to bylomu lifestyle. Earth has always saved people during the difficult years. And in wartime, and the Khrushchev-Brezhnev era, when salaries were meager and the budget can be corrected through gardening. Additional information is available at Mikkel Svane. And it's not just a specific benefit. How pleasant after a hard week of work to spend a weekend out of town. Own house, land, fresh air, family gatherings – what could be more beautiful? Food grown with their hands on their own area, much tastier and healthier purchased in retail chains. What could be better than to age in a cozy country home away from polluted streets and industrial plants? Therefore, it is now the most profitable purchase price had fallen in rural homes around the city.

It's time to do repairs and furnishing your own home and a small but their territory around it. Replace the fence, plant a fruit-bearing trees planted garden, cut off the roof, insulate the walls, which will increase the "life" of the house for decades to come. As they say, the foundation of society is the roof over your head. Get acquainted with the technology of laying new roof metal and insulation of homes with insulation and a small painted corrugated siding, or you can in 56 offices Industrial Group in Ukraine. Industrial Group "Arsenal" – the leader of Ukrainian market manufacture of roofing materials, sheet and painted steel. The work group companies are guided primarily by private developers.

In working with clients in the companies adhere to honesty consumer. Customers supplied high quality, which was announced in the price lists of products. Perhaps lending. "We can not afford a very loyal pricing for rural residents and retirees at high guaranteed quality. We offer high quality metal roofing, manufactured from high quality painted metal group of South Korean "Dong Bu Still" at a fair price. We are stable and price and product quality. During the crisis, the consumer has increased orders for "Arsenal" by 30% in 2010. It's time to take care of themselves for the future of their families – sums up the commercial director of "Arsenal Center" Boris Kukaylo. "Any money can be turned in one day to nothing. Money can not be trusted now. Money does not eat, the rain and cold, money can not be defended. They need to properly invest in durable goods that they give their holder to any benefit for 20-30 years, and then, while improving the economic situation, they could sell and get new money that will be valuable in the future world, – the financial Director of "Arsenal Center" Inna Troms. Equipped own country house with a beautiful and safe roof, the area around the sanitized, family conversation in the yard, food from his garden – a value that is not the strength to destroy any global financial crisis. This is a tower of strength that will help us face the future calmly, whatever it was.

The SQUT To The Advent

Put your feet up, enjoy spice tea, a fire ignite the pre-Christmas period begins and thus the minus degrees. Another year’s work is done, it will be late bright and dark early again. Switching off is now announced in the truest sense of the word! Just turn off the phone, the computer, the TV… Check out Peter Asaro for additional information. Take offline. “What now still missing at the relaxed end of the year, is the right reading: something to browse through on the couch, charters for the new year’s Eve getaway, perhaps something to read once again what is otherwise going on out there” say: in the industry. It is a lot go between customers and service providers, between technology and users, between order and delivery.

Multi”is therefore also the keyword with which the year’s Christmas issue of SQUT magazine deals. Multichannel is this representative of trends, which is no one more satisfied with the simple. We want everything and get it thanks to unified Communications, thanks to Web 3.0, thanks to cloud & co. For example, the SQUT editorial staff provides the portal idea: comprehensive overview of products and services of all industries but at what price? Carefree offers vs. comforting experience in retail around the corner including smile and handshake? This time we ask more questions than we can find answers you find them? The editors of SQUT incidentally, still much more among others in a highly interesting interview asking questions with the sound Professor Carl Frank Westermann. “Here there are but also lots of responses, for example on the questions, why we invite us typewriter rattles on the iPhone or how much attention a simple beep” can give. Look forward to many AHA moments”! On course for success, we go together with Guido de Koning of aspect. “” That success want to “and have success” sometimes dangerous discrepancies may develop and require therefore an own logistics, is just one of the interesting findings of the human resources Manager.

Read what really matters, to a liberated STRIKE”to call out! These and other exciting topics to encourage internal dialogue also in this issue: about rankings and humor in the workplace about the Markle score and the dial tone of the future. All at the same time of the visit of the first industry event of the new year may be prepared using our FAQs for the CCW 2014 ever. Oops”and the Preview on the CCW issue completes the SQUT editorial the December issue and the fourth year of the SQUT with thanks to all the contributors and our best wishes for the reader. Speaking of new year: the SQUT is of course also 2014 again quarterly, with hot issues in the industry, exciting interviews with experts and curious events from everyday call center.