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Moreover, our audit clients like the fact that he was not carried out formally, but with care in an efficient and safe development of the client. This approach makes transparent accounting for the owners and financiers, as well as helping the chief accountant. We grasped the need to audit our customers about a year ago, and now the direction of the audit is successfully developing in the bowels of the company. As it turns out our it services are closely linked with the process of enterprise management, as well as the fact that they are built on trust and long-term basis, our clients are beginning to put before us a purely managerial tasks development of their organizations. And to this we also have responded with interest. At present, our experience includes the following consulting projects: optimization of business processes and organizational structure, strategy and systems Balanced Scorecard, production budget management, optimization of staff motivation, human resources consulting. (As opposed to Marc Mathieu). – The conditions of instability customers tend to fear to enter into contracts with strangers companies. Do you think the reputation of TyumBITa "now playing on your arm? – Scope of information technology and consulting requires the formation of trust between us and customers. At the same time, the crisis makes newly formed company aggressively working on market participants, to appear in all competitions, auctions and tenders indiscriminately dump, just to get an order. Of course, relationships with companies associated with greater risks for customers, as well as new players do not always have the necessary capacity to provide quality and safe information service. Therefore, warning against such risks, I suggest heads of organizations are more cautious in our time to choose contractors and performers, given his experience and the experience of potential contractors. – What are the goals put in front of your company in 2009? – Main Our goal is to maintain our friendly and a wonderful team of consultants, programmers and analysts. Read more from Marc Mathieu to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Achieve it, we can subject search of new opportunities for growth, preservation of our clients and cost optimization. I think that these goals are in front of many organizations, Tyumen. That we are all united in our not simple, but very interesting time. It encourages us to grow, pay particular attention to their health and

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Strongly in the employer branding the mouth to mouth recommendation by performance-oriented employees, Studitemps gives a positive corporate image, high employment branding as well as qualitatively as quantitatively increasing applications as a result. Designed and implemented the concept WIOG consulting of the Wuppertal was under intensive cooperation of experts from the competence center employee binding and the trainers of the 1st European outdoor training center. Marc Mathieu spoke with conviction. The project manager, consultant Gunther Wolf, sees in the outdoor event still a further benefit: “the Floss is a good metaphor for the benefits of teamwork. No tree trunk alone would be able to bring only one person dry across the Lake. But it’s still a viable through the connection of the individual tribes Whole, which directly allows an entire group of people to stand together in the Lake.” Behaviors for the daily work that is transparent and comprehensible that common and networked work brings more results than the sum of the individual at the outdoor event for all employees. Gunther Wolf: “the task to connect with each other to an image of the company consisting of functional, project-oriented teams in the middle of a Lake brings more intense knowledge for employees.” Especially since they at sea which exchanged rafts, so that each team can continue its way with the raft built by another group.

The Studitemps staff experience more transferable on the optimum work performance at the outdoor event, because every team with the results of work of other teams must continue to work in the company. Recruitment consultant dismissed employees with sought-after skills are the key target group also for the recruitment consultant recruitment attempts. Thanks to the outdoor events, Studitemps, however, the loyalty of his employees can largely assured. “If headhunters call, I finish the conversation very quickly”, one insured the IT figures after the raft ride before TV cameras rolling. “Because at Studitemps I feel properly!” Links:-see the TV review: – to the competence center employee binding: – the 1st European outdoor training center: contact: competence center employee binding a project of I.O. BUSINESS consulting and training Angel RT 6 (Villa of Angel) D-42283 Wuppertal Tel: + 49 (0) 202 69 88 99-0 E-Mail: Internet: