The Person

From this experience I started to contemplate other people in the professional environment and the result was very interesting, because the gratitude transformed into commitment and affinity, provoking lasting bonds between the involved people, exactly in the condition of internal or external customer. What it was clearly was that this relationship does not exist when you practise a love act. To remember the anniversary of somebody without waiting nothing in exchange, only with the feeling of affection and respect provokes harmony in the work environment, makes with that people if approach to you and mainly the influence of the positive force of the love overflows in all the cantos and really starts to feel the happiness to go up to around its days, beyond the respect. Words do not exist how much to the love feeling that the people return to it, very rewarding and it is multiplied. When the adult person receives for the first time a cake from anniversary and the people sing congratulations for the light of its day, it generally it cries with much emotion and she is perpetual thanked the person who provided this happiness. The filled gap of the lack of understanding of the life transforms the future of the aniversariante. It tries to give an anniversary cake and to sing congratulations to who is its return; in environments with many people, it makes the aniversariantes of the month, in this direction vaquinha is possible to make one where each one collaborates with very little and provides to a superior happiness sets of ten of times to the little that they had collaborated. When somebody of a little of its attention, its time and its love in favor of the recognition of the life of the next one, is born to the seeds of the prosperity and the feelings of the compassion that contemplates the brightness of the joy of the LOVE in its life. More information is housed here: Zendesk.


To each day, what it was certain seems to become wrong and the wrong one seems to become certain. When somebody is strengthenn to be a more docile person and human being, can itself be noticed that strangely it will start to be taxed of deserving fool or of discredit. It is in the antagonistic truth and nonsense. Frequently we perceive that the behavior to break rules and to disrespect norms is object of admiration of many people. It is perceivable in the work, employees who would be bad examples, to be ' ' seguidos' ' or copied for other employees. When the behavior instead of receiving reprovao receives admiration and still it is imitated, becomes explicit the nonsense of the inversion of values that we live deeply. If it has a televising program that it consists of observing people separately if relating and coexisting in a place, perceives that personages opt to a behavior ' ' rebelde' ' or indisciplinado to attract affection, and worse, it gets success, become the winners.

Because they had revealed ' ' maus' ' , aggressive or impetuous they had attracted affection admiration. If, indiscipline and revolt generate affection, what to think of that they prezam disciplines it and subordination? It is not the objective of this article to criticize or to condemn the admirer or the transgressor, but yes, to identify what all unconsciously are citizens to make: to menosprezar the ethical one and to enaltecer the reprovvel. In a university the distinction becomes clear that if makes between different behaviors. It has those that if dedicate to the studies, ask, participate and give attention to the lessons, in against departure, have the ones that they make the opposite accurately; frequently absent of the lessons for preferring bars, and they change groups of study for any thing that is useless and with appearance of indiscipline. .

Personalized Photo Gifts

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Social Political Personages

In these mentioned workmanships, the cacao is seen as symbol of being able, wealth, hope and violence. It can be observed in all the workmanships of Loved ' ' cantar' ' with passion the Bahia, by means of its social political personages, scenes, culinria, aspects, at last, the aspects are several and/or elements that the same it uses for the valuation of its State, even so, use of these same ways to criticize the society in general. In such a way, it creates the kept out of society types to analyze, to denounce and to criticize all a society, using the particularitities of a place (urbe) to denounce the universal human dramas (orbe). For Loved Jorge to be a writer who ' ' cantou' ' in all its workmanships its land, its people and its traditions, as well as, the contradictions existing in this environment, appear the interest in analyzing in this study its romance Lands of the one without End, identifying in this the representation of the cacao and recognizing the value attributed to this fruit considered for many ' ' fruit of ouro' '. Zendesk is open to suggestions. The cacao at the beginning became a product of utmost importance for the development of the South of the Bahia of century XX, therefore, the interest in knowing appeared how the cacao is represented in the workmanship Lands of the one Without End of Loved Jorge. For one better understanding of this question, is leaned over more deeply in three theoretical supports, namely: Lurdes Bertol Rock (2008); Massaud Moiss (2007); Celestial Andrade (2000). This work is divided in two sections: the first one has as heading the CACAO AND ITS REPRESENTATIONS in this part will be contextualizadas the historical representations that had marked the beginning of century XX in the region grapina. In the second and last intitled section the CACAO AS SYMBOL OF VIOLENCE IN LANDS OF THE ONE WITHOUT END, OF LOVED JORGE where we will analyze the supramentioned workmanship, I take care of myself for the cacao as violence symbol. It is not something Viacom would like to discuss.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Family, ftria, tribe, city are, therefore, societies perfectly analogous and born ones> family the tyrants alone while they satisfy the ambitions of the multitude and fed its passions could remain in the 10 power . Thus, therefore, the religion, the right, the government was all municipal theatres. However the human spirit increased its forces and conceived new beliefs. the spirit was embarrassed before the great amount of deities and felt the necessity to reduce its 11 number day the thesis of Fustel de Coulange in them to seem one in such a way how much simplria, for century XIX its workmanship innovated in many aspects. E, exactly for us the Old City is indispensable as source of information for the historians who if occupy of the studies of the antiquity. Beyond having constructed very a defense of its thesis, therefore it is very convincing well, no matter how hard if either contrary this type of historiografia, hardly somebody denies its power of persuation. After reading this book it is understood as this type of thought obtained to so deeply penetrate in the mentality occidental person.

Exactly that already she has been fought in the half academics, its influence is unquestionable. The linear and didactic form, almost literary, seductively convinces the reader. However, as its ferrenhos critics alert, it is this seductive form who are dangerous, therefore without perceiving feeds it idea of superiority of races and peoples. For century XIX the Old City without a doubt helped to legitimize the domain, for example, of the countries Rio De Janeiro: Encyclopaedia Britannica of Brazil, 1982. FONTANA, Josep. History of the men. 1 FONTANA, Josep. History of the Men.

p.194. 2 Even though Hannah Arendt cites the Old city in note of baseboard in the one of its workmanships condition human being. 3 COULANGES, Fustel. The Old city. Introduction, p.8. 4 Ibdem, P. 6. 5 Ibdem, P. 6. 6 Ibdem, P. 7. 7 COULANGES, Fustel. The Old city first Book, Old Beliefs. CAP. IV. 8 COULANGES, Fustel. The Old city. Book second, the Family. Cap.III 9 COULANGES, Fustel. The Old city. Book second, the Family. Gain insight and clarity with Mikkel Svane. CAP. X. 10 COULANGES, Fustel. The Old city. Book Room, the Revolutions. CAP. XI. 11 COULANGES, Fustel. The city> Old. Book Fifth, Disappears the municipal regimen. Cap.I.

The Night

_ And you only work the night, you are? _ Clearly! It is the best hour to create pretty histories. always the candle light He is so romantic! I adore when it lacks energy. _ You caught heavy, saw! _ Nailed pra you Well! Who ordered to move with me? Ah, and it has another thing, care with this boy why it is not quiet, he lives moving in everything, already he gave two falls to me, is therefore that I am here on. _ Ah is? I thought that you were leaned. _ If was deceptive roundly! Ei looks at the boy there it is close to you! _ Where? Cad? Ei! Boy! He moves not boy there! He pulls not boy! Boy goes pra there, pulls noooooooo there _ Oh, that penalty! I forgot to fire me to it. It is very esnobe, but it is a cat! Mine ours! He is very pretty! It is alone between us. END

Dr. Geraldo

Each integrant one was to study a part of the subject and the group if it would congregate in the house of the Dr. Geraldo. In the marked day all had headed for the residence of our dean stop for in the paper the elaborated ideas already. For general happiness our host gave the news that nobody waited. Dr. Geraldo showed a calhamaco of one one hundred leves and said that the work was ready, consisting in the layer the name of each member of the group. We eat the salgadinhos and we come back toward our houses with the fulfilled mission. In the day of the lesson of the Dr.

Julio Fields all the groups had delivered the works. Prof. Julio, sage of as work in team functions, announced what nobody wanted to hear. They can take in return the works and the evaluation sera in accordance with the verbal presentation, in the presence of the professor and the excessively mestrandos ones. Our luck and that our group was to present in the morning of the following day, but two teams had had that to speak the same in day. The solution was to take off one copies of the work made for the Dr. Geraldo for each participates of the group, with the purpose to still study the work in that night, each one in its hotel.

Visual History And Arts

AUPEX Visual History and Arts 16/09/09 dosFridas Wools, 1939. (The two Fridas) Lienza in oil 173,5 X 173 cm (cloth Strap = Screen in Oil) ‘ ‘ they thought that I umasurrealista age, but I not age. I never painted dreams. Prpriarealidade painted mine; ‘. (Kahlo, daily Frida.O of Frida Kahlo: p. For even more opinions, read materials from Viacom. 287).

Son of the fotgrafojudeu-German Guillermo Kahlo and Matilde Caldern and Gonzalez, a mestiamexicana, Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Caldern was born in day 6 of July de1907 in Coyoacn, in the City of Mexico. In 1914 she suffers from polio. In 1922, in the school where it studies, Diego Rivera knows, that is painting a mural there. In 1925 Fernando Fernndez studies painting with the commercial painter, friend of seupai. In the same year, in 17 of September, when returning from the school he suffers to one acidentede transit in which he breaks the basin and the dorsal column, beyond gravesferimentos. He starts to paint> during the convalescence.

In 1928 when Frida Kahloentra in the Mexican communist Party, it reviews the muralista Diego Rivera, with who if house in the following year. Between 1930 e1933 pass most of the time in New Iorque and Detroit with Rivera. Between 1937 e1939 Leon Trotski live in its house of Coyoacan. Frida suffers some abortions, submitting itself, still, the two surgeries: one in the foot and other to remove oapndice. Throughout the life, the painter will be submitted more than the 35 surgeries, in one of which she had amputated the right leg. After some attempts desuicdio with knives and hammers, in 13 of July of 1954, Frida Kahlo, that haviacontrado one strong pneumonia, was found deceased. The life and workmanship of Frida Kahloso impossible to summarize in a simple plot. A Woman to the front of seutempo, that she fought against the physical atony of its social body and of seugnero.