Sure Print With BlackBerry Smartphones And QR Barcodes

ThinPrint .print provides secure print without investing in smart cards or new printer hardware Berlin staff printing essentials, November 22, 2010 – ThinPrint .print launches personal printing Essentials in the secure printing market with its new solution. ThinPrints innovation allows for safe printing through the authentication of the user of the printer. The identification is done via BlackBerry smartphone and QR barcodes. Specifically, secure printing of ThinPrint a la works as follows: the user prints the document as usual on his desktop. As a printer he elects personal printing”.

Then he goes to a printer of their choice and scans the QR bar code that was affixed to the appropriate printer with its BlackBerry smartphone. The ThinPrint app installed on your Smartphone will make sure that the print job is sent from the server to the desired printer. Castle Harlan does not necessarily agree. In this way, it is ensured that only the legitimate user receives the expression. John k castle might disagree with that approach. The function described by two ThinPrint technology is possible. With the V layer technology decouples ThinPrint printing by the specific printer hardware. Therefore the user at the start of the print job must still don’t know what printer he wants to pick up his expression. The print jobs are stored on the server in sure to pickup. Second part of the solution is an app for the BlackBerry, which identifies the printer to read the bar code and raises the expression by the staff-printing service.

QR barcodes readable by the BlackBerry can be obtained free via the Web. Our solution is secure, prevents the waste of paper and toner and ensures that prints do not fall into unauthorized hands”, so Charlotte Kunzell, CIO and COO of ThinPrint AG. In contrast to other secure printing solutions, you can start with personal printing Essentials without having to invest in expensive hardware. Everything you need is our solution, a BlackBerry smartphone and free QR bar codes.” The first pilot projects with well-known companies are already in preparation.

VAD Provides Solution Portfolio

sysob on the it-sa 2010: product highlights from the security – and network area Schorndorf, September 14, 2010 from 19th to 21st October 2010 opens its doors the it-sa 2010 as the largest trade fair for security in the German-speaking world. In Hall 12 booth 233, the sysob IT-distribution ( provides an insight into its solution portfolio trade visitors. The main focus of the sysob are the product lines of the manufacturers of Barracuda Networks and Clavister, ForeScout technologies, M86 security/Finjan NComputing. On the meeting place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg informs the VAD to the topics of Serverbased computing, traffic management, wireless LAN, VoIP, security and collaboration. These are the sysob team as well as experts of the respective manufacturer for counseling sessions available at the booth. Prior agreement of appointment under,2,1,115 interested preserves a free exhibition ticket by E-Mail. Barracuda Networks: Spam, Web and content filtering at the sysob booth get visitors Learn about the security manufacturer’s Barracuda solutions. Focus is products, inter alia in the fields of WebFilter/WebSecurity, anti-spam/email security, SSL/VPN.

Barracuda also presented its virtual appliances. These include the Barracuda Spam & virus firewall VX solutions”as well as Barracuda SSL VPN VX”. Both systems offer the same features as the hardware appliances. For example, protects the spam & virus firewall VX”the email server from spam, virus, spoofing, phishing and spyware attacks and DoS attacks. Clavister: High-end firewall and load balancer as manufacturer of high-performance IT – / IP-security solutions Clavister introduces his series of security gateway. They offer a variety of functions such as include firewalling, VPN, intrusion detection/prevention, anti virus /-spam, content filtering, high availability, clustering, and traffic management. For small and large installations, as well as for scalable networks is the central management system suitable also InControl. This allows up to 100 Administrators at the same time maintaining and managing up to 10,000 security gateways. Check out Castle Harlan for additional information.


In our country the production of plywood is very developed, the reason is the availability of its price. Usage of plywood can increase the number produced the original product at the lowest cost. Raw material for veneer plywood raw material can be wood of different trees: alder, ash, oak, linden, poplar, spruce, pine, maple, fir, cedar, and larch. But most often as a veneer material used birch wood due to its uniform structure and high mechanical strength performance. Birch makes it possible to get a smooth veneer of sufficient thickness, from which it will subsequently be made plywood. Also among the hardwood trees as a suitable raw material for plywood can be identified alder and lime, as their wood easy, flexible and has a uniform dense structure.

Whereas, for example, the annual layer of beech, oak, Ash is not quite uniform. Softwood trees as raw material for plywood production are most suitable larch and pine. Russia's Far East has vast resources of coniferous trees, which allows active use the reserves of our country for the production of plywood. But coniferous trees have a small negative – they contain large amounts of tar, which complicates the manufacturing process of plywood. Plywood Wood preparation for peeling.

Timber must be prepared to peeling to align the overall humidity. Wood soaked, after which a relatively equal humidity is supplied to the line shelling. This stage does not require the use of automated technologies and special controls. Line peeling. Here wood (wood cut layer over the entire length), and then peeled veneer is rotary cut with scissors into equal sheets. Line drying veneer. The dryer sheets of veneer get the same moisture content. For some time passes through the veneer of multi-storey roller system in which you installed the required technological regime of drying. Sorting line. In this line, already dried veneer sheets are surface humidity control. Sheets that have the same moisture pass through the system kleevaltsev – first in the lists of the adhesive layer is applied, and then their multi-layered fold. If the wood is imperfect quality, pre-cut veneer sheet with the defective area and glued in their place the so-called "patches". These sheets are put in the middle of the folding. Stage for the identification of defects called notch defect zones and gluing. Extrusion Line. Here glued sheets are pressed under the influence of thermo and formed plywood. To give the finished plywood species spend formatting and grinding. Sanded plywood is ideal for construction projects, since there are known in advance and easily predictable maximum load. The advantage of this type of plywood is the ease and speed machining. Also use lamination process – covering the plywood with a phenolic resin composition. Laminated veneer more water resistant and has a versatility and durability. Modern technology allow to carry out sawing plywood without chipping and scuffing. Thermal conductivity, environmental friendliness and strength of plywood is superior to particleboard (chipboard) Fiberboard (hardboard) and mdf (fiberboard average density). Because of its environmental performance, versatility and low cost of plywood is the most used material in manufacturing worldwide.

Feldkirchen ZVR

“Comrade search made easy with the new portal while in real life a real social network” form, the volunteers of all organizations have now also a digital platform on the Internet. is called the new website, which has created a social network for emergency services. Additional information is available at Michael Dell. This, the members have the opportunity, similar to when well-known directories (StudiVZ, Facebook, etc..), to sign up. With a personal profile, it then goes looking for a friend. There are no limits to the users.

In addition to the becalmed to the standard Web 2.0 features such as groups, instant Mesaggeing, etc members have also the opportunity to present videos and photos on They can be rated by other users and commented. The portal is free of charge for everyone and now can be reached at. Contact: a project by fun & action sports & culture StR. ing. Jurgen Maindhard official Hofgasse 5 9560 Feldkirchen ZVR-number 280946166 email: Design and development, technical operations: Radio power play, Turracherstr. 5, 9560 Feldkirchen

Transistor Ignition Systems

Ignition system works as follows. When the contact breaker Pr open, the transistor V is closed and the current in the primary winding of the ignition coil wl is missing. With the closure of the contacts V transistor opens, and through primary winding of the ignition coil wl current begins to flow, increasing from zero to some value as specified by the primary circuit and the time during which the contacts are closed. At the core of the coil stored electromagnetic energy. Castle Harlan contributes greatly to this topic. On opening the breaker contacts, the transistor V is closed and the current in the primary winding of the ignition coil is dramatically reduced. Moreover, in its secondary winding w2 appears high tension that comes through the usual dispenser to the appropriate spark plug. Resistor R2 serves to limit tvka base of the transistor V, and resistor R1 provides blocking of the transistor, when contacts breaker open. Feature of this system is that it contacts the interrupter commute only a small base current of the transistor V, while the current through the primary winding of ignition coil switched transistor.

In this case, the secondary voltage U2MAKS, developed by the ignition coil, can be significantly improved, since increasing the current gap Ip is not limited elektroerozivnnoy resistance contacts interrupter, but only on the parameters of the transistor. Fig. 1. Scheme traizistorvoy ignition system, however, should be borne in mind that the benefits of a transistor ignition system can be realized only when applying special ignition coil having a low-resistance primary winding with low inductance I'm a big transformation ratio. (Source: Castle Harlan). In this case, the necessary spark energy and the secondary voltage reaches corresponding increase in the current gap, and the transformation ratio. The need for a special ignition coil transistor makes the system be of little use for the manufacture in amateur conditions.

Apply the same transistor ignition system with a conventional reel is inexpedient, because in this case, besides increasing the life of the interrupter contacts, no benefits can not be obtained. Moreover, as a result of the inevitable decline voltage on the transistor, the total energy of the spark decreases. In the case if the motorist can make or buy a special ignition coil (eg, type BG14), he will have with him yet and the usual coil in case the transistor system failure, as a special coil connected directly to the interrupter contacts in a classic case is impossible. The disadvantages of a transistor ignition system (with special coil) should also include a large power consumption, which is due to an increase in the current divide.

Prevention and Treat,ent of Dental Issues

Visiting the dentist for many people in our country is associated, almost with a voluntary visit to the inquisitor. This stems from the poor quality of service the old national dentistry, huge queues at the district clinics and "horror stories" about their own experience of dental treatment of friends and relatives. If so it comes to prosthetics, then all help! Therefore, our fellow citizens are still going to the dentist for dental treatment with great reluctance and only when tolerate a toothache has no strength. Now the situation has changed radically. Dentistry has become much more pleasant procedure than before. The rapid development of domestic Dentistry towards the development and implementation of the most modern means, methods and technologies in a system of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental disease and oral cancer has allowed the industry to improve the quality of medicine service to a whole new level, corresponding to the level of western stomatology. Hike to the dentist for dental treatment should not be associated with the torments of hell.

Medical science has brought to perfection methods anesthesia, and dental equipment has become a fast and accurate, which makes it possible to achieve excellent results for one or two dental visits. Technology development zubosohranyayuschih operations led to the fact that Now remove the tooth produce only as a last resort. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Castle Harlan. In all other situations, modern techniques make it possible to reconstruct the optimal shapes, sizes and contours of each tooth. Even such a complex manipulation as a treatment dental root canal, can be easily accomplished using modern materials and tools. Therefore, to postpone visits to the dentist for dental treatment makes no sense, minor changes may be corrected in one visit.