Japanese Interpreter

A short insight into the requirements for a Japanese interpreter and the differences between the German and the Japanese language. Japanese is a language that differs fundamentally from the German, and a Japanese interpreter faces the heavy task to translate not only the language, but at the same time to translate the culture semio is in her in the other. The Japanese is very rich in phrases and formulas that have no equivalent in German, or must be otherwise translated depending on the context. “Sumimasen” can mean both “Thank you” and “Excuse me”, “otsukaresama deshita” can be used in the sense of “Beautiful evening”, but also in all other contexts, where someone has done a particular work perhaps best in the meaning “You did a good job.” These are just a few examples, which show the varied difficulties in interpreting between German and Japanese. In the age of globalization, the need for interpreters has grown. Japan is one of the economically strongest Nations, there exist diverse relations between Germany and Japan, not only economic, but also cultural.

A Japanese interpreter faces the task to convey not only between two languages, but also between two cultures. Japanese interpreters used at fairs, congresses and business negotiations. One distinguishes between simultaneous, whispered – and Konsekutivdolmetschern. Simultaneous and whisper interpreters simultaneously translate to the speaker. Your job requires a high level of concentration and attention. The consecutive interpreting has it slightly easier: he stands or sits next to the speaker, and quoted the words of the speaker, to render them in a speech pause. In interpreting it comes not only to replace one word with another.

Capturing and delivering the core statement with all the nuances of this between the lines is the main task of the interpreter. Of course, a Japanese needed interpreters to be negotiated profound expertise in the Areas. Often he holds a degree in another subject such as chemistry or pharmacy, medicine, law, banking, or economics in part of or in addition to his training. Also a technical background such as E.g. an engineering degree is beneficial, since the interpreter has good chances to operate are very traditionally export oriented, for example, for German mechanical engineering companies. Andre Richter

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