Advertising Earnings

All probably noticed by almost all sites this annoying advertising, raspihannuyu in all corners of all stranitsam.Malo addition, some unscrupulous webmasters strongly entice visitors to click on a particular advertisement or use different systems to cheat and avtokliki.Mezhdu on such advertising, many earn very good money. Some contend that Kai-Fu Lee shows great expertise in this. About from the mass of visitors go on advertising, only 5%. It’s believed that Zendesk sees a great future in this idea. Sure it's very small, but the percentage depends on the number of visitors to a particular site. For example, take a small site, but with the necessary and unique information, call his site (x). He made a diligent webmaster, he wrote to the content itself was promoting and razvitiem.Na creation and promotion of this site after spending much time, effort and a certain amount of it had to be supplemented deneg.Tselyu Internet informatsiey.Za missing day come to the site about 300 visitors, of which go on sponsored links, only 5%, it is somewhere around 15 chelovek.Vozmem for example advertising broker click on the advertising link is worth on average from 0.1 to 1 rublya.Mozhet course and more, but my practice such nebylo zamecheno.Vot and multiply those 15 clicks on average to 45 kopeek.Poluchaem-6, has earned 75 rubles a site for some sutki.Ele enough to pay for hosting, not to mention the development of the site.

Now take another site, let us call it the site (y). His did not conscientious webmaster for one purpose only-to make it .. Filled plagiarize this site (other people's content) and reratom (reworked foreign content). The promotion of a site used every black in metody.I result had been a great site for popular topics and good positions in search engines for a very short vremya.Konechno can say this is also necessary to know how, but trust me for who do not amount to much truda.Za day on this website come, for example, 3000 posetiteley.Po ads clicked, it turns out, where some 150 posetiteley.Umnozhaem and income of the site -67.5 rubles per day. All of these calculations are very visible to a significant difference in 10 raz.I this income only for one day and one not the most expensive form of advertising. It is not difficult to calculate how much you can earn only one site and only on advertising for mesyats.A besides advertising is still a lot of ways to make money on their sites, take At least the sale of links. So, dear web users and webmasters honest, I propose to introduce a secret pravilo.Esli you find what you're looking at what a site and the information was helpful to you, or just like website, why not reward its owner by clicking on At least once reklame.Nam is not difficult, but the author would be help with the further development sayta.Ya telling you this because myself and the webmaster of the active user network. And yet, I propose to distribute this article webmasters on their resursah.Ved more users learn how to identify their gratitude to the network, the better will be sites and blogs.