Always Easier

Complete mobile speaker system with a weight of 26 kg BMS audio presents a real lightweight under the speaker systems with the TA-400. The market leader for mobile sound systems meets the so for high-quality, yet affordable sound. Byron Trott is actively involved in the matter. The entire system of TOM Audio TA-400 weighs only 26 lbs with rack, devices and boxes and fits in the trunk of a car. Light base unit for small budgets with understanding for the needs of clubs, schools or smaller music groups has put together now a loudspeaker system BMS audio, which is limited to the main basic elements for the sound of an event. The structure of the base system for computing and stage performers is a transportable 19 “rack made of robust plastic with removable lid. The microphone mixer is mounted, volume and sound by up to 3 cable microphones arbitrarily mix allows you to.

The digital class-D amplifiers ensures convincing and distortion-free power 2 x 200 Watt. The rack is an excellent grip transport and weighs only 10 kg with the devices. A dynamic Wired microphone is one of the basic equipment. The right venue: bring the associated speakers everywhere only per 8 kg on the scale. They are equipped with castors and can be carried on the pull-out handle well.

The advantage of the light, mobile plant is obvious: is good transport and is inside and outside ready to go in no time. Saved was connected to ground and the weight, the volume remains high: the loudspeaker transfer detail and spacious voice and music. Nothing in the way is the professional sound reinforcement lecture or presentation with a smaller budget. The possibilities are varied and range from the speech on the podium, the lecture hall or auditorium, the artistic performance on the stage up to the sound of sports events and the Street Festival in the area. Sound not in the bag buy all BMS audio systems are absolutely suitable for everyday use, for continuous use and the real club life laid out. TA-400 can be expanded and offers space for 4 wireless microphones after election. Connection for an own playback device is in 19 “rack provided, alternatively a high quality media player with pitch control for audio CD, can SD card and USB flash drive be ordered.” Like any product, also the TA-400 can be checked by the customer through its paces before buying. The most important facts about the TOM-Audio TA-400: – extremely lightweight, mobile PA system with cable microphone – weight approx.