Amazon Kindle

It is interesting, that Yes, for Bibliophiles eager to find technical books of other centuries. The electronic book, next battle of culture? By network circulating today, without any control copies or compensation to authors, thousands of electronic books whose author rights are still far from expiring. There are numerous pages and blogs that, under the main motivation making criticism of royalty free titles, link to existing editions download sites, either directly offer the download of the same. Some of these blogs carry advertising, and although this fact does not imply that they engage in crime, its activities could be subject to demands by cultural institutions and societies of authors.But after this situation, which is beginning to worry about the cultural industry, also lurk several irrefutable truths: the first is that this practice has long been ignored, when not tolerated, by the publishing industry, therefore considered residual, and the possibility of the digital business to flourish was, until the advent of Amazon Kindle, distant. The situation has changed, and therefore will also soon change the attitude of editors with respect to these situations.On the other hand, these blogs wouldn’t have the relevance that give them search engines if not to respond to a growing need for titles by consumers of e-books; a need that publishers, for the moment, refuse to cover or begin to take into account reluctantly. If bloom ebooks readers and are not official texts, consumers will go to find the unofficial, they point out many analysts, which ensure that the conflict of the digital book will run along the same path that already made the music.

Faced with this situation, Amazon tries to lead the way towards a solution with its Kindle Store store, as Apple did with its business download songs iTunes.