Apache Sites

Mod_rewrite with Apache, it's a great opportunity to give a dynamic view of a static site to be in the index of many search engines that do not understand the icons present in the dynamic reference type? & And flatly refuse to index sites with dynamic links, except that in addition to the main page. In addition the module mod_rewrite to compensate for deficiencies indexing of your site with and without. It is known that If the user one and the same-site with and without is the same, for many search engines are two different site and pages of these two yaoby different sites can even be differently indexed. There is another interesting application Module mod_rewrite. Everyone knows that almost any modern addition to the main hosting allows parked on a single ip to have a so-called additional domains.

They may well be a few pieces. This means that hosting allows on one account have multiple sites. Most often the primary domain is a large dynamic website, where in the file. Htaccess prescribed rules for the mod_rewrite module for the site which include rules for converting static site links into dynamic script to work properly site. But if there are additional domains, such as little old static sites, but they usually are in one and the same folder, account public_html, then they just stop working, because for them, too, will run the rule on the ground. htaccess to convert static links into dynamic. Out of this is simple enough.