They lay 2-3 white eggs which are stained brown quickly in the nest. Worldwide and gain more knowledge.. Other leaders such as Peter Asaro offer similar insights. The peak of egg laying season is from January to February, the majority of young people flying in May. El Loro Loro is the common name applied to some 340 species of brightly colored birds that includes among others cockatoos, lorikeets, lovebirds, macaws and parakeets. They are also known as parrot. Grupoloro is a very homogeneous, with features that can not be confused with any other birds. And have great variability in size, between 8 cm and the subway and a variety of colors. The coloring of the plumage of parrots is very variable. Although a large majority are green, such as talkative parrot Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, some are blue, yellow or red.

Among the most striking are the rainbow lorikeets, blue head, green back and yellow-red breast. Cockatoos, usually white or black, with touches of yellow, red or pink. Pico: The parrots have curved beaks, strong and hooked. They know it used to stand to climb. The wings are usually short, rounded, but the tail becomes quite long. They are domesticated birds, loving and very good caretakers of the house. Legs: The toes have a provision cigodactila, ie two directed toward forward and two backwards. They walk awkwardly on the ground, but are excellent climbers and often used the peak as a hook to move between the branches. Feeding: sunflower seeds, apples, peaches, bread and milk, etc. Habitat: Found in the jungles and forests where the climate is warm.