ARP HDMI Receiver

Wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver by ARP the specification defined by major manufacturers for the wireless home digital interface, short WHDI transmits image and sound quality, allows the wireless transmission of HD signals with a resolution of 1080 p at 60 frames per second over distances of up to 30 meters. The technology enables a robust, loss-free data transfer, even through walls. So screens in any premises without elaborate cabling can be controlled, for example, in Office buildings or even in the private sector. Just at applications where it is possible to have a wiring or a conventional connection to the network not or only with much effort, the new wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver by ARP as a perfect, simple and secure solution will be present. The product includes a receiver and a transmitter, which can wirelessly transfer movies and presentations maximum 30 meters. So you can for example, lounges, reception halls or terraces a TV set or a monitor set up and can already be played after you connect the receiver box – the best full HD quality video.

This plug and play no wiring and no software installation. ARP provides the brand new HDMI transmitter/receiver (art.) No. 852159) is now available for EUR 249,00 is an alternative to the wireless device in the professional field of HDMI over IP. Digital video signals over an existing cable network can be delivered with this solution (type number 841640).