BBQ Season

Essen fire safety service EBS informed grilling time is daylight saving time. Unfortunately, up to 4000 accidents with approximately 400 serious burn injuries result each year, that of relaxing barbecue parties disasters are underwriting those affected for the rest of their lives. For a full enjoyment of barbecue, some rules should be followed necessarily informed by the Essen fire service EBS. First the grill friend has to worry about the place, the grill should be placed where. This needs a stable, level ground at the grill at any time set here. The grill is only inflamed, he may be no longer moved! A barbecue spread heat and contains, unless it’s an ordinary charcoal grill, glowing coal, whose Hitze readily capable of is to trigger a larger damage fire.

For this reason the grill in a flammable environment must be installed. Wood gazebos, tents and closed spaces are never establishing Grill suitable and of course are also no flammable substances close to him. Children are often downright fascinating the glowing coal of a grill or the sizzling food. But are they not in the vicinity of this potential source of danger. Attention is here. The grill should not from the eyes and children are not allowed in its vicinity. To ignite charcoal can prove quite arduous task. Fixed carbon and Grill lighter, which of course do not belong in children’s hands are a good help.

Liquid fire accelerant may be used in any case. You can ignite explosively and cause severe injuries at all bystanders! In dealing with the hot grill caution is in order. If possible, a safety distance of three meters to surrounding people is to comply with. No one should approach the grill in clothing made of synthetic fibers, because they can melt under the heat and result in hard curable burns. The handling of Grill and grilled food is done best with grill tool for suitable and Grill gloves. This prevents painful injuries. Security is in connection with a grill. Only flawless devices that are marked according to DIN EN 1860-1 or its predecessors DIN 66077, should be purchased. A GS seal testifies that they comply with the laws on product safety. A functional fire protection belongs to every barbecue party. It is expected that fats become inflamed, which can not be extinguished with water. Sand are accordingly, to hold fire blankets or fire extinguishers. The glow should be quenched with sand after grilling and filled into a non-combustible container. Still usable coal can remain in the grill, whose air is prevented with a metal lid. The dangers posed by a grill can be avoided easily. For more information on fire protection in residential and business environment, the experts of the Essen fire service EBS at any time are available. Press contact Essen fire service EBS Saini str. 38 45128 Essen contact: W. bear Tel: 0201-78 77 00 fax: 0201-87 77 412 mob. Tel.: 0163-77 22 493 email: Homepage: