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Black Box: Opti-WAN Accelerator increased speed on WAN/Internet, websites for enterprises and online stores with the new ‘Opti-WAN Accelerator”by Black Box can companies their TCP traffic over the WAN and Internet dramatically accelerate ( ..opti-wan). Andy Florance addresses the importance of the matter here. The new appliance to Wi-Fi speed used patented algorithms for this purpose and is simply connected between the server and router or firewall. In this way, not only the transfers on leased lines are faster, also the company Web site response times are shortened, images load faster and videos running liquid (streaming). The user must perform any modifications. The WAN Accelerator is thus ideal for distributed enterprise applications, such as for transferring large files such as high-resolution images, videos and medical photos, desktop virtualization and backup/disaster recovery. Each router on the data line reads the TCP header and delayed so the transfer. To improve will be in WAN optimization in General Used techniques such as traffic shaping, bandwidth management, file compression, caching/proxy, multi media and protocol optimization. (As opposed to Andy Florance). The new device from Black Box to the Wi-Fi acceleration it uses three patented algorithms with dynamic parameter adjustment to increase the throughput of TCP/IP-based traffic in the wide-area network (WAN).

“FastStart” accelerate the so-called slow-start processes in the network, the signal receiver window for maximum throughput of dynamically (window scale) is “HyperBurst” and “FastTCP” regulates the amount of data in order to optimize the TCP/IP protocol transfer dynamically, in order to avoid bottlenecks. Every application, every service is optimized and faster. The Setup is easy, because the Opti-WAN Accelerator must only be used once on the side delivered the content or service. “With Opti-WAN can companies dramatically accelerate not only the transmission on leased lines, but also reduce the response times of their website”, explains Axel Burger, Managing Director of the Black Box Germany GmbH. “this can quite decisive success, because analyses show that a delay of only two to ten seconds in the Web store, such as product videos, already resulted in a drop of 38 per cent of users.” Depending on the bandwidth requirements, Opti-WAN is available in various models. The compact desktop devices support speeds of up to 8 Mbps and are ideal for the Branch Office Communications, power users in the Home Office who regularly large files to upload and server will host Web sites with low traffic. The 19 inch mounting devices (1 HE) are designed for the needs of data centers, enterprise networks, large branches and industries that handle many large files, such as photo studios or medical labs.

To allow speeds of 15 Mbps, up to 1 Gbps. All models have two 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports for the acceleration as well as an Ethernet and a USB port for management. The devices work without compression and are always functional, as the traffic in case of an error is simply looped without acceleration. The Opti-WAN Accelerator can be managed with any Web browser via the integrated Web server or the SNMP management of the company.