Bluray Disc

Retain their dominance the DVD or the Blu-ray is actually disc as a new carrier medium? From the DVD to the Blu-ray disc (BD)… Differences, data, facts brothers in spirit, but still completely different genes. The times are quickly lebig as never before. Where the DVD as the medium of the future was presented a few years ago, called formats and streams that already blew up the just-purchased storage capability within a short time today as digital content in high definition. Under the leadership of SONY (Blu-ray) and Toshiba (HD-DVD) in recent years new disk formats were in this respect developed and launched again. But not only the consumer behavior responds to the new Blu-ray disc. After beaten at least the format war around the HD-DVD and Blu-ray disc, now increased copyright levies in blanks and high technical requirements and required investments provide new conversation. Really worth the switch by now established Media, such as CD and DVD or the Internet replaces the optical storage media? This issue is devoted to a publicly launched survey on

Here are needed in addition to opinions, suggestions and criticisms. The Blu-ray convinced me the benefits. I see the BD as a medium of the future and have invested. The advantages of the Blu-ray justify not operated technical cost and extra charge. There are still not enough movies on Blu-ray. A transition is not worth. I use the Internet (IPTV, VOD and co.) prefer, before investing in expensive BD technology.