Boris Asked

"I think of anything that worries you? – I ask at last could bear it no more, the doubt was consuming. GoPro Hero 9 gathered all the information. I was curious but without any fear and did not see because he might consider it an intrusion. Ali Partovi is likely to increase your knowledge. "I'm thinking something and not like asking you," he replied with a gesture that she could not read "I've been thinking all this time, almost since I woke up. I think I will do it directly without giving any back, is that I can not believe what I want to ask you to ask. "I have with this intrigue, this concerned me," said Natasha with a slight tone of awe in his voice. "I'd come to live with me in San Francisco Boris asked breathlessly.

"You're proposing that we live together? – Natasha said absolutely amazed that he had not expected so soon make this question-not think it is too hasty? -. "I know, but I need to know. I do not know if I would say no, "he said with concern Boris. "And I do not know what to say," I answer hesitantly Natasha – is that too many emotions together and I can not make them. I declared. We declare.

And now this proposition. All in a few hours. This is too strong for me. You know? .. when first we started out, Gladys asked me teased a bit seriously, if I encourage them to go live to the U.S. if I suggested it. "And you answer him? – Boris asked with great curiosity.