Additional information is just a click away. Best of all readers choose the feeds they want to see, there is no spam with RSS. If you are not completely happy with the content that appears in a feed, simply remove it from the newsreader. The technology is a pull technology rather than push technology, ie the content is not forced to consumers, who pull the content they want to see. RSS allows users to: 1.) Easily locate information. 2.) Read information condensced or ‘Soundbytes clearly marked and dated topic material. 3.) Classify and categorize information in an easy to navigate. 4.) Maximize your time without having to deal with spam.

RSS feeds can be viewed in a news aggregator or reader, which constantly updates and shows unread feeds. I found the functionality of the news readers is similar to a simple email client. Consumers generally enter the URL of any RSS feeds that interest them. Topics with a common theme can be divided into related groups. I recommend FeedDemon by BradSoft a news reader. FeedDemon is extremely easy to use and allows for rapid scanning and indexing of topics. FeedDemon allows users to scan quickly sort and scroll through headlines and article summaries, while viewing the actual content within a web browser screen. Find Feeds specific topic relevant to find the channels that provide niche information users can search Feedster. Feedster is a rapidly growing news search engine that indexes the information contained in RSS feeds. Searches for specific food items can be carried out and the channels can be retrieved for syndication. Benefit for content developers While the benefits for users and webmasters are clear the distribution opportunities made available to content developers should not be overlooked. The information contained in the RSS feed can be easily syndicated, increasing content distribution and reach. RSS allows content developers: 1.) Increase exposure in niche markets. 2.) Communicate with user bases and reach potential customers through an alternative communication method. 3.) Disseminate relevant information. 4.) Define themselves as an industry expert. Automate the delivery 5.) Content. RSS has effectively standardized the format of content delivery and has effectively defined the accepted standard for content distribution and syndication.

Email RSS will likely rival as a means of distributing content in a few years. The simplicity of cut makes the technology very attractive. The distribution potential, while albeit difficult to measure, is still attractive to all parties making the likelihood that RSS popularity will only continue to grow. RSS Feeds to Try Feeds exist for almost any topic you can try these sources by entering the URL into your feed reader: Small Business Feed – small business tips and news Software Marketing Blog Summary – software marketing and online news SMS, Wireless Messaging Related News. – News relating to telecommunications, the wireless industry and NotePage software Free Content Articles – collection of free content articles, updates when it launches the new item. Software Marketing News – news related to software conferences, awards, software development and marketing