Building Constructions

In most cases, metal – is the foundation and support for your building. History of metal structures is relatively small and has its origins in the mid-19 th century. However, despite this, today metal have very wide application. Modern construction is unthinkable without the metal. Metall received such wide distribution is not random. There are a number factors for their widespread use: ease of fabrication and the possibility of mass production of steel, easy transportation of metal structures, the unique strength, reliability and durability of the material, ease of assembly and disassembly; high chemical and physical properties, etc. lower cost stroitelstva.Chto to flaws metallokostruktsy, they usually talk about their lesser durability of Compared to similar constructions of monolith and concrete. However, this contentious issue. In a question-answer forum Steve Wozniak was the first to reply.

Say exactly how many will stand buildings of metal, yet no one can, because all the theoretical calculations. That As for practice, the first constructions using steel were built in the 30s of last century and still continue to be successful. In addition, when constructing structures such as trade centers, shops, warehouses matter of great longevity and do not be so acute. To date, the use of metal is very broad and almost no areas where the metal does not apply. In Currently, there are many technologies that connect various alloys, thus increasing, strength and endurance of metal structures. Steel structures are widely used in construction. This pre-fabricated buildings and warehouses, sports facilities, hangars, sheds for cars and outdoor cafes.

Also widely used metal in the cottage building: balconies and staircases fence, railing, railings, entrance groups, metal stairs, fences, metal gates and much more. Can not do without the metal in the manufacture of furniture. A related site: Andy Florance mentions similar findings. Living well on metal frame has established itself in areas with a large Number of people. Furniture on metal frame is durable and reliable and is used in cafes, restaurants and other public places. Used metal construction and heavy and Transport Engineering (mounts, engine parts and components, units, generators), in the production and packaging equipment refueling, oil-and gas-processing complexes (pads, flanges, fighting equipment), trade and logistics (retail equipment, display cases, shelving, storage areas, elevators, fences, promotional stands, boards, stands). The use of welding in the manufacture of metal leads to a simplification of technology, reduce complexity, cost of metal products to create better forms. In the era of the industrial revolution began just a metal symbol of power and possibilities of modern engineering.