Since childhood, I sank into the memory apt words of my grandmother, who called the mediators' fans on another hump to enter paradise. " Since then, everything changed – the country, people, opportunities to earn money, but the 'fans' were, moreover, Internet they appeared very much. An experienced web-master to the first row guessed what it was about. Did you catch? Of course, the partnership programs, which are now not only offers lazy. The stark reality says that the absolute the majority of affiliate programs Runet – flawed and unfair. Their goal – to enter your hump in the financial paradise. Judge for yourself.

Online shop gives you an affiliate link, banner or code provides the script directory and sends to sell their goods. You invest time and money to create a companion site, pour tons of traffic, and in return receive only tiny percentage of every sale – from 5 to 12. What kind of partnership in question, if e-shop, in turn, receives a stream of orders and customers, which at a certain dexterity can be turned into loyal customers. This is not a partner, and the slave program. And can there be any other way? It turns out that can! I have also raised eyebrows with this information, yet my own experience has not been refuted, and I, having examined all the material was convinced that eTerra24 offers a full partner program that includes: training – full course 'Business with eTerra24 – 24 hours a day', which is based on the idea of a famous philosopher in the field of entrepreneurship Jim Ron. Regularly conducts seminars and workshops with experts in the field of advertising, marketing, SEO.