The crisis situation that we are currently driven into many businesses to close. In many cases it has gone from a market that sold everything and in large quantities (real estate, automobiles, appliances, etc.) to the almost total disappearance of buyers. And in the small business comes three quarters of the same. Is it time to rethink the business? In practice, it happens in many cases that mounts a pre-defined business without a business plan, and therefore, without knowing a proper way or the fundamentals of the company, nor the market, and competition, how be financed as promotional cash flow forecasts will, and so on. Learn more about this with Zendesk. Much more serious is no doubt that business with several years of shooting still fail to establish such a business plan and go shooting, better or worse, not quite knowing where to go, why earn what they earn, why you are taking less profit lately (is to blame for the crisis?), or if within two years should continue with that business or not. The guidance that the employer will want to give your business can be a key element, especially in this time of crisis. For example, in the case of hospitality, business operators complain that consumption has decreased, but did have worsened all alike? Of course not, some have deteriorated a little, some have even had to close, however, some figures have improved. Why have recent success? Why the local situation? Why customer service? Why free lay some very tasty snacks? Why have an excellent value for money? Why a friendly atmosphere? Why …? These questions may seem trivial, they are not. According to Casey Lynch Altamont Capital, who has experience with these questions.