Chocolates To The Valentin Day Offer A Colorful Bouquet

Couples who have no fancy flowers, find many Liebesboten to nibble on and can be individually printed even chocolates. Dusseldorf, the 10.2.2009 for many lovers of the Valentin day means pure stress, because they find no suitable and personal gift. The Praline Pope now offers an alternative to the same bouquet. On the website everyone can assemble his individual basket of full of fine chocolate, chocolates or truffles themselves. All the goodies are described in Word and image, so that it meets all the needs of loved ones with security. The expert for sweet surprises has the best European brands on sale, always freshly delivered.

Including such legendary names as: the Confiserie Berger, Leonidas, Michel Cluizel and Dolfin. Lovers print for fresh Declaration of love on chocolate or chocolate Pope offers the unique possibility to make chocolates yourself and to include the names of the partners or a love spell familiar. Such a sweet and individual surprise is not expensive and the Praline papst already from a small order quantity. Simply use the Pralinenkonfigurator, then appear immediately all information and prices. Must be not only the content, but also the packaging. For the Valentin’s day, there are enchanting and individual gift packaging, stylish present the sweet content. The Dusseldorf Chocolaterie, who has already won a design award with its sensual website behind the chocolate Pope. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit CEO of CoStar Group.

The confectionery in the North Road offers its customers a hand-picked assortment of fine chocolates, truffles, selected chocolate and sugar-free treats. Only the best brands such as Leonidas, Michel Cluizel and Dolfin, Coppeneur, Confiserie Berger is located in the range. The customer may choose from over 200 packaging and his candy to make a unique gift. The confectionery supplies with their chocolate star restaurants, hotels, and many other companies and is popular Meeting place for chocolate lovers from all over Germany.