Choosing A Camcorder

If you buy a video camera collectors, it is time to determine the types of cameras or camcorders. First and foremost, you need to decide on what the media is write your camera. By type of carriers can be divided into four types camcorder: MiniDV, dvd, hdd, Flash. MiniDV-camera records video on a mini-cassette. Ali Partovi has plenty of information regarding this issue. The resulting video has the lowest compression ratio and therefore the best quality.

True, and the video size will be large: one minute dv format takes approximately 200 mb. Captured video, you can throw at vashkompyuter by joining the IEEE-1394 (or Fire-Wire). dv format is well edited vmemi video editing programs, then the resulting film can be converted into any desired format from dvd to flv for the web. Such a camera – the best option for those who are going to make the captured video and installation to create their films. Other types of cells receive the video in MPEG-2 format, which has a larger compression ratio and, hence, its quality is inferior format dv.

This format is harder to edit in the editing programs, most simply do not perceive. But perhaps you do not want to edit video. Then DVD-camera for you is very convenient: DVD-ROM with your recording can be immediately viewed on a DVD-player. The disc has a size of 80 mm and it is located 1.4 gigabytes. This corresponds to about 25-35 minutes of video at best quality recording. Be careful: this camera does not like shocks and vibrations, as the record comes with a laser beam. HDD-camera records on a hard drive and Flash-camera – the flash card. Hard drives can have a capacity of 100 gb, which means that it puts a lot of hours recording even at maximum capacity. Flash cards come in different sizes, typically 4.10 gb. When buying a camera, you can choose. Of course, a small amount of the card is its drawback, but it has several advantages. This is the most miniature of all types of cameras (perhaps someone that is exactly what is necessary), it has no moving parts and, therefore, it is more reliable and consumes less energy. Video from these cameras can be easily transferred to the computer where it can be immediately watch or burn to dvd. It is now widely touted HD-cameras, which provide high-definition video. These cameras are more expensive and require special equipment for viewing (LCD or plasma wide screen, a special player). If you do not, you can not evaluate the quality of the video, and your purchase will not make sense. Now is your task – to determine what type of camera needed you.