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" I hope that Hope Aguirre offers aid us because we are passing it mal" , Sandoval declared. Koch is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Aguirre assured that he was conscious of the difficulties that were happening in the vallecano club. " We know that you have spent one season of great difficulties. From the Community of Madrid we will do all the possible one so that you return to celebrate to the Door of the Sol" , it commented the President of the Community of Madrid. Interchange of gifts the vallecano set was thankful for the institutional tribute with the delivery of individual t-shirts signed by the players as much to Alberto Ruiz-Gallardn as to Hope Aguirre. As well, as much the masculine set as the feminine one was flattered with commemorative plaques. Two players sign the manifesto of ' indignados' Another one of the anecdotes of the day arrived when two players of the group took advantage of the visit to sign the manifesto of the encamped one in the door of the Sun, according to communicated in the social network ' Twitter' the Commission of Communication.

From the Commission of Communication of the encamped one they have assured that the totality of the group wished to sign, but that they have not been able since they were " in an act oficial". " They have not let sign the players of the Ray. Two of them, however have done, it. They have not let to them sign because ' they were in an act oficial' " , it communicated the Commission, that did not facilitate the name of both signatory. Players receive monthly instalment of May On the other hand, sources of club have confirmed that the players of the first group rayista have received a monthly instalment of their lists, corresponding to month of May, and so he reduces himself to the amount that the club must to them, still a high percentage of his pays.

The Ray must be up-to-date in the payments before the 30 of June, date limit imposed by Liga, and from the direction it continues itself promising that for this day all the delays will be supported. The club counts already on several demands and could, of not satisfying the payments, not being registered in First division, been promoted on the game land, since the administrative reduction would take place. On the matter, Imprisoned Raul Martin, new top shareholder of the club, indicated today in the celebrations of the equipment by ascent a first division, that is " working to obtain the necessary bottoms, and the day the 30 of June payments to the first group, quarry, feminine and personal of the club will be realizados". Source of the news: The Vallecano Ray celebrates its ascent to First division and receives the slow monthly instalment