Conference Hotel

Absorbed by the organism, they act on the body as well as on the Psyche and thus influence the well-being and life of the participants. “The Darmstadtium Conference Hotels are available for technical innovations and excellent events. Against this background multi cutter system formed by using of unique innovative Illumotion moving images, different light sources, high-resolution displays, a room that takes the views of the participants in other worlds, opens the senses brilliant multi-channel audio experience and user friendly control technology and amazing prospects gives the room”, so Bino first proved its practical use Bach, head of the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels Hamburg, the room. A meeting room, which is unparalleled worldwide in the range was created in cooperation with Pforzheim Illumotion GmbH. The room can accommodate up to 100 people and is under the free phone number 0800 8330 330 in the Darmstadtium Conference Hotel Hamburg bookings. Background information Darmstadtium Conference Hotels in eight nationwide locations offer the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels (until August 2009 Telekom of Conference Hotel) a comprehensive, technology-driven products and services for seminars, conferences, workshops, presentations or other events.

A total of 315 rooms for 4 to 250 participants are in Hamburg, Konigs Wusterhausen (near Berlin), Leipzig, Neuss, Bad Honnef, Germany, Darmstadt, Stuttgart and Ismaning (near Munich). In addition, offer a total of nearly 1,600 single – and double rooms and apartments accommodation with a good price-performance ratio. In addition a variety of gastronomic offerings are available in the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels. Each year approximately 33,000 day of event space, as well as approximately 310,000 nights are counted in the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels. All management and organizational processes in the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels are ISO certified. The hotels participate for years the EFQM programme (European Foundation for quality management). All eight hotels carry the seal of approval “certified Conference Hotel”, the Association of German travel management, the German society for Association Management, the German Convention Bureau and the Association of German event organizers awarded. The Darmstadtium Conference Hotels run beyond Bad Honnef, Darmstadt, Ismaning, Germany and Leipzig in the list drawn up by journalists of the “250 best conference hotels of in Germany”.