Confirming Interest

Overview, concepts, scope is not surprising therefore that today manifests Comfirming interest on which is a financial service offered by a financial institution to provide its customers with the management of payments for your purchases. Perhaps check out Peter Asaro for more information. Jose Antonio Almoguera gives us respect that, the confirming, is to formalize the operations of payments to suppliers of a company through a financial intermediary that assumes the risk of paying the bills. That is, our suppliers confirm that the payment of our invoices is assumed by a company that is responsible for paying our bills after completion of a sale. Wikipedia, it brings us in this regard, confirming that is a financial service offered by a financial institution may provide its customers with the payment of their purchases. Offered to collect the bills before the due date of these. Its use is common in companies that have diversified their suppliers, who wish to delay payment to suppliers or to have a complex payment system.

Do not confuse confirming, with the "payment confirmed" or "debits" minor link in the responsibility for payment by the bank. The confirming a payment equivalent certificate, with the difference that here the bank guarantees payment to the supplier. In fact, factoring is a reverse and it starts the client and the supplier. Accordingly, in English this service is called Reverse Factoring (and not, as one might think, Confirming). Confirming attraction for companies About this indicates that: The confirming is attractive to companies that meet one or more of the following characteristics: – Businesses that have diversified from its suppliers – companies that have a complex payment system – Companies that wish to extend the payment period to suppliers, or improve their conditions of purchase Notes Almoguera Advantages of confirming that the benefits are: Reduce the costs of internal management of payments, especially in companies with a large number of suppliers.