Construction Technology in Turkey

When there is a desire to buy, you have selected is always interesting to know more about how it is constructed. Let us clarify this with the example object * Taurus Apartments * International company * Your Home in Turkey *.. Let's start Naturally, with the foundation, though not, I was wrong to begin with, that before designing a building, land surveyors inspect, and based on the results of the study projected the building. Then prepared construction site and is drilling under the fill piles. Then, in the well is lowered metal frame and poured concrete. Number of piles and drilling depth is calculated based on the weight of the building and Geodetic results of the study. After hardening of concrete piles ready, set casing, mounted concrete skeleton of the basement and is again pouring concrete.

Metal frame base firmly connected to the frame of piles, pile, respectively, and the frame is a monolithic structure. Looking ahead, we will tell you that in principle the entire frame of a house is, a monolithic reinforced concrete structure including stairs and roof. This technique allows you to build a strong earthquake resistant buildings, as the company * Your House * in Turkey attaches great importance to quality and safety of constructed facilities. Returning to technology development. After solidification of the foundation, other structural elements are manufactured on site in this way: going to a metal frame, installed decking, poured concrete.

After hardening of concrete formwork is removed, and the builders made the next item. So step by step, floor by floor. After manufacturing of high quality concrete frame brick exterior and are built interior walls. Ahead of the external and internal decoration, laying the wiring, utilities, installing windows, doors and other operations, but more on that in future publications.