Cordless Telephones

Cordless telephones cordless phones consist of a terminal and a base. The base connects to the telephone line, plugs into an electrical outlet and acts as charger terminal. The terminal is basically a radio product that connects wirelessly to the base using DECT digital technology, and which is equipped with rechargeable batteries that are recharged by leaving it at the base. In general, the scope of wireless phones is between 25 and 100 m distance to the base, limited but sufficient to give coverage to a dwelling. Concept wireless phones have emerged as response to the need of moving while you talk on the phone, either to reach documents, calling another person, perform a query or looking for greater intimacy.

The biggest advantage of wireless phones against fixed phones is that they provide mobility without cable. Front analogue cordless phones, DECT digital technology increases security and reduces interference, so it offers greater coverage and clearer sound. Internal telephone network one of the most interesting features of digital wireless phones is its ability to deploy two or more terminals and an internal telephone network formed by a base. For this reason, both the base and the terminals must have compatibility GAP, a profile of interoperability for DECT technology. In this way, any terminal that supports GAP can be registered in any base that also supports it, even if they are different brands, so that, although it does not allow access to advanced features of the base, it can be used for basic calls.

In this way, it is easier and comfortable to create a domestic internal telephone network and make free calls between different terminals attached to the same base. Acquiring more than one terminal and connecting them to the same base, user may call a Terminal to another free of charge, provided that both terminals are in the range of the base. The majority of the DECT cordless telephones they support the GAP profile, even those who do not publish this function, being the permissible maximum number of terminals per base between four and seven, depending on the model. Additional features more advanced wireless phones have numerous functions complement each other, as for example: Agenda to store in memory the most used numbers. Origin of the call number (provided that you have contracted this service with the operator). Call log, including missed calls. Keypad lock to prevent accidental calls. Hands-free function. Stamps personalized according to the incoming number. Answering machine. Used in cordless phones DECT digital technology Security enhances security in communications already which selected the ideal radio channel to broadcast every moment pseudo-random manner in a wide range of frequencies, so that the privacy of the conversations is more protected. Some models even encrypted digital signal for greater security. Source: phones Wireless source: press release sent by fransberns.