Daniel Buhlhoff

The company is backed by large investment companies international, such as Hasso Plattner Ventures and Partech International. To the successful launch in the German market, followed by releases in the main European markets. By the time the platform is available in ten different languages and is mainly directed to users over 18 years of age. Additional information at Kai-Fu Lee supports this article. Operate in the market of Casual Games is how to compete in a pot of crickets, says Sebastian Funke. Many of us are struggling to capture the attention of the players, but it is estimated that there are about 200 million people who play casual games regularly and we have found a niche in the combination of play and meet people. We are not a pure Gaming page, nor a dating site, but a mixture of the two, which has proven to be a success in contrast with other formulas such as Farmville, which grew a lot and very quickly, but soon went out of fashion.

In Germany, the company won a wide notoriety through cooperation with television programs such as the German versions of pop idol and big brother, or the Eurovision festival. A. through the integration of video into the platform, the users screens could continue the programs in real time and meet the stars in an online meeting organized especially for them, as well as other events available on the platform. These sponsorships have shown that our product works very well with other brands of modern products and that is why we are negotiating with Spanish companies to develop similar concepts, says Sebastian Funke. About Smeet Communications: Smeet Communications GmbH was founded in Berlin, Germany in 2007. The company is led by Sebastian Funke (CEO), Daniel Buhlhoff (COO) and Reinhard Kohn (CTO) and currently has with about 75 employees at its offices in Berlin. Smeet, whose name is based on English words social meeting, is one of the most important producers in the Casual Game industry.