Data Processing Center

Depending on the limitations of the client, all of which can be focused to facilitate but encourage mobility or seek any assistance in the event that their limitations are very severe. CARE AND SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM IN RESIDENCE in each room: a (The Eye of Power) surveillance systems: video cameras equipped with motion detection systems that drives the pre-alarm recording (pre and post), presence with identification the position of request for assistance. All this is collected and controlled from the Data Processing Center (DPC) fire control sensors subject to international regulations Nurses / caregivers provide internal wireless phones subscribed (each time the phone switches must be user identified in the system CPD) a control unit located in the Data Processing Center where you get kind of alarm-a (hierarchy of alarm) that controls wing party responsible a “recipient” and the subject Originating which is the issuer. With limitations on users on cancellation tasks (canceled after this) is reported and identified the person responsible for attending each room has a series of sensors: A pear per subject in the headboard or if necessary a RF bulb hanging from his neck or a GPS transmitter, a marksman bathroom, a carpet that senses the weight of the person a “detects falls. Sensors that automatically open and close lock system laser doors, not only open and close the doors but allow open and lock the doors at certain times, and detect whether they are open sending that information to CPD . Sensors that turn on and off lights.