Decorating Metal

immune to this, the more users:)) The purpose of each article – is to present a kind of knowledge. The article should be useful to a person and she will live. In this brief essay I will talk about how the decoration of metal, their advantages and disadvantages and the estimated average prices. So nachnem.Shelkografiya Silk was invented in 1908 in London and patented a technology called Silk screen printing. Principle: The dye is applied through the silk on any surface. It can be metal, plastic, fabric. Badges made using this technology have a high value (about 1.8 cm square of P), low quality graphics and poor abrasion resistance. That photo made nameplate using this technology: Thermal transfer Thermal transfer – is sublimation.

Initially, the film is printed mirror image, then the film is placed upon the surface of the metal and the hot press and hold pressed for half a minute. Quality Graphics satisfactory stoikost to abrasion is poor, resistance to UV light at all. Cost about 2 rubles per sq. cm. At the bottom photo, look at what happened to the plate for 4 months of sunny summer: Chemical etching Steel Chemical etching are also called 'chemical engraving.

" Principle: in some parts of the plate is applied to acid-metallicheksoy layer, then the metal surface is treated with an acid or a strong alkali. The graphics. Cost about 3 USD. per sq. cm. Average quality graphics, amazing resistance to abrasion. Schild, stainless steel can last 50 million years or more. Here are photos: Alyumofoto Alyumofoto – new technology which is the principle that the surface of a plate of metal (aluminum), contains silver particles. At the plate through the negative image was projected and some parts of plaques 'zatsvechivayutsya' ultraviolet light. Amazing quality graphics – you can even move the metal photo. Abrasion resistance is excellent. The cost of 1.5-3 rubles. per sq. cm. The photo below Metallografika Metallografika – a new technology developed by for the needs of the Russian military-industrial complex. The essence of the method: the metal is pre-processed and disclosed his pores. Then the plate is placed in a bath of an organic dye, and then under vakkuumnym clamp to the plate and pressed against the film illuminates the ultraviolet light. Then, the unexposed areas washed with water and applied to the protective oxide layer. Graphics quality, excellent. The stability is amazing. Cost – 0.5 -1.7 rubles per sq. cm.