DECT Repeater

Increased operating range for your wireless phone with a DECT Repeater cordless phones have a factory a limited range. Still inside the apartment or House, the connection quality at greater distances can be bad to the base. During a telephone conversation in the garden, basement, or attic reaches the connection range wireless connection often barriers. Modern Internet-routers/VoiP routers as DECT base is the scope technically performance limited. A DECT Repeater enables easy more coverage. Each function of the phone of handset is available in the enlarged connection pane of the base station.

The DECT Repeater and base unit entertained a wireless connection such as the DECT Repeater and the handset. The DECT Repeater is not noticeable in the connection to the base. The change of radio communication with the base to connect the Repeater occur automatically and without interruption of the call. The DECT Repeater can be placed freely within the connecting radius of base. There is always a problem-free connection with the Cable telephone. For the operation you need a free socket in the radio range of the DECT base.

The device can be hidden behind a Cabinet or other places. The connection to the base and the mobile phone is done via radio. Mounting holes for mounting on the wall are available at the housing. A detailed and effective instructions to log on to the DECT base should be included in the purchase. It is technically possible in the radio room of a base to sign up to six DECT Repeater. Thus, the connection space in any direction can be extended. Some devices combine others star in simple chained arrangement. The star is better suited for a high-performance base station. The range is always expanding. The number of possible concurrent connections do not. Suitability is supported for each GAP-capable cable telephone a DECT Repeater the world used generic access profile”(GAP) and is therefore qualified for base stations, phones and DECT Repeater of connections from different manufacturers. At the time of purchase must only make sure that your base you your phone according to the GAP standard connections builds. Your base station and your cable telephone manuals provide information. It may be necessary to turn off certain encodings. DECT Repeater does not extend the base. By using the spread produced devices with the ability to ensure high quality and many combinations standardized an abstraction of coordinated protocols. DECT Repeater may open vulnerabilities to unauthorized persons. Ensure that encryption remains consistent after the House network was installed. To a chain of certificates for each equipment is sufficient. To read DECT Repeater testing on the page Dietrich Beck