Determine The Right Price For Your Real Estate

Protect your investment performance is affected by an uninformed decision. When thinking of selling or renting a property perhaps one of the concerns that comes to mind is to set the right price. In this note I present some suggestions to consider to help you determine the correct price for your property. It is of utmost importance to establish a fair price if we get the desired results within a reasonable time, if we place our expectation well above market indicators we will not even sure visitors interested in the property, whether on the contrary we stand for below, it is possible that we are leaving to receive returns commensurate with our investment. Stocks oftentimes addresses this issue. So … How to set the right price? First, it is advisable to seek the advice of a specialist, do not hesitate to consult or hire an appraiser, this will allow you to have a very close to reality as to the estimated value of your property. Well worth paying for the information he obtained, he will be very useful for reference but not enough. Secondly, it is also convenient to visit other similar properties sold or rent in the area, find out the operating conditions they offer, compare (state, size, location, features, etc.) Prepare a simple list and get prices unit per square meter, the range and average.

This is to do market research, know the competition. Third, update the amount of your investment by applying the inflation factors, reflect the improvements made to date to determine the current value. The data will serve as a reference to compare prices from above, given that differences could be justified against the deterioration, age and an unfavorable environment of ownership (depreciation) and the difference in favor of capital gains would tell us whether it is reasonable. If your idea is renting, research the local market usually sets the amount of monthly income as a percentage of total value property that may fall between .5 and 1%. In housing there is a differential factor for residential, one for the middle and a third for social, which varies according to region and indeed the supply and demand. Finally, remember that potential clients will try to make a downward negotiation on the asking price, so it is convenient to define a scope for estimating this effect.

In this sense, there are certain rules and the discount rate could range from 5 to 10%, major factors generate uncertainty and doubt in your prospect. Remember who you are buying or renting a property is always expected to feel the satisfaction that made an appropriate negotiation. Prepare with serious and convincing arguments.