With the digital gauge Aqua check is the determination of the water quality easy Jacuzzi water quality is very important. The hot tub experts assist in the determination of all important values and available with help and advice on water problems to the side. Who has an outdoor Jacuzzi it appreciate to relax and simply push the thoughts. Due to the higher water temperature in the swimming pool, a special attention to the quality of water is given more germs and bacteria can form. That was earlier found water quality test strips and a color matching. re information.

This was tedious and also mostly inaccurate. How good it is now the digital meter Aqua check. This device makes you to work much easier. Simply hold the test strip in the water and then put in the water Tester, already you can read off the values for free chlorine, pH and total alkalinity, also retroactively for the last few weeks and that they’re in a matter of seconds. The device comes with description in different languages, 10 test strips and shipped with tips for treating water. Filed under: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Who once met this device, would no longer miss accessories this whirlpool. The online shop at also has an extensive range of hot tub accessories, whirlpool tubs and bathtubs. A nationwide customer service also for third-party devices is possible.

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