Dryers and Drying Cabinets

During the day in the sun, at night in the basement – there is a technology of drying. Moist maritime climate and the sun, provided the quality drying for several days. Later, there were chamber, and then drying cabinet, which are defined temperature-humidity conditions with intense blasting. Cabinet dryers are widely used in the present. The next step in improving technology and technology is the introduction in the early 50s, continuous dryers – in the tunnel and konveyernyh.Sushka cabinet drying cabinet drying in the dryer is as follows. Trays filled with raw products that fit into the cart, where each tray has its niche, or stacked on each other on a pallet with wheels. Products are dried, blowing air through the space between the trays, then one or the other direction, at regular intervals. After each stage of drying, need to check the uniformity and quality of drying.

For this test the product selectively from the different levels of trolleys. If necessary, make mixing products on the trays and make the replacement position of each wagon. This procedure may be done only if, the trays are stacked in the cart longline type, where each tray can be removed separately and independently. If the trays lie on each other, it can be done. In the closet, thanks to the heater and the holes from gate to regulate the suction of fresh air and the ejection of the spent air in the cabinet can be installed necessary conditions of drying air temperature to 60-65 C and humidity up to 80% (due to evaporating moisture from the product).

In this regard, it is possible to vary the drying parameters in wide ranges, as well as support for their a given level with sufficient accuracy. After the end of drying, it is necessary to stabilize the product by slow cooling in the bunkers or deep as significant disadvantage of this method of drying is costs a lot of manual labor, and harsh climatic conditions of work in a drying room. However, this method does not require sophisticated expensive equipment and large production ploschadey.Hranenie ready-made pasta to preserve the quality of pasta products during the period from manufacture to sale to consumers, it is recommended to store the product at t-30 C not higher among the equilibrium moisture content for the moisture product. Products must be stored in cardboard boxes or paper bags at a moisture content of products is not higher than 13%. Products intended for packaging in small cellophane packaging to 1kg should have moisture content not exceeding 12%. So, we reviewed existing methods for drying. I think it was accessible, understandable and you have made their preliminary findings.