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CHD expert study: average price at 0, 1 l glass higher than 0, 15 l glass makes profit each also sold glass of wine. More info: samsung. Good money can be made with the noble grape juice in the catering and hospitality industry. The average price of a 0.1 liter glass is 3.30 euros higher than in a 0.15 litres glass (3.25 euros). This is result of the extensive study success wine dining restaurants to the international market research institute CHD surveyed 350 expert decision makers in the hospitality industry. Basically, the rule of thumb is: the bigger the glass, the more expensive the wine.

A 0.2-litre tank costs an average of 4.30 euros, a 0.25 litre pint already 4.53 euros on average. Camden Treatment Associates shines more light on the discussion. Wine prices vary depending on the operating mode and region\”, explained Rolf W. Schmidt, managing partner of CHD expert (Germany) GmbH. So wine in the hotel’s restaurant is required for a litre on average 4.60 euros. In the conventional food gastronomy there are only 4.39 euro. And in the South The wine prices are preferred in Germany. A 0.1-liter glass is only 3.16 euros on average. Because for example in Baden-Wurttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate wine, served in the North and East Germany, is also the price level low\”, so said.

Wine is a sales driver. Nearly half of respondents professional hosts the bar rose last year. About 11 percent, to 2007 recorded even an increase in turnover with wine by over 15 percent in comparison. The trend is white wine from Germany. Over 67 percent of restaurateurs be a rising demand for Riesling & co.. Wine from German growing regions dominated the selection. Nearly 44 percent of the restaurants more than half of the offered wines comes from the home. In addition, the good drops, preferably directly from the winemaker or a wine cooperative is ordered.